Alechemy Brewing at glug…

Alechemy’s ales have always caused a stir since we began to stock them earlier this year at glug…

They form a huge part of our ever growing range of Scottish ales – and we think that their range offers something for every ale and beer fan.

Alchemy’s Head Brewer James Davies has always had a passion for brewing, and began in 1995 whilst at university in Edinburgh.

Having studied for a masters degree in chemistry, followed by 3 years studying for a PhD in microbiology he went on to work in the pharmaceutical industry.

During all of this time the he continued to brew, upgrading from the homebrew kits to full mash brewing (essentially a small scale version of the full commercial brewing process, but just a bit more Heath Robinson).

Having always been interested in the science behind the brewing and always reading up on new ideas and innovation he thought it was time to take the theory and put it into practice.

In 2011 he decided to return to Scotland and his home town of Mid Calder, Livingston to start up Alechemy Brewing.

What we sell at glug…

We aim to have a regular ‘core’ range of everything that Alechemy has to offer – but some beers are seasonal so we suggest contacting us ahead if their are specific Alechemy bottles that you are looking for.

Ritual Bottle glugRitual Pale Ale (4.1 %) – originally called “Cairnpapple”, this classic Alechemy recipe has been renamed “Ritual”.

Ritual is a well-balanced light coloured refreshing IPA with a floral aroma leading to a lingering citrus taste.

Five Sisters Red IPA (4.3%) – named after a famous local landmark, Five Sisters is a rich amber beer combining British malts with a rich herbal classic Chinook hop, with hints of citrus.

Black Aye PA Black IPA (4.8%) – originally called “Cockleroy”, this classic Alechemy recipe has been renamed “Black Aye PA”. This ale is an intriguing juxtaposition of dark malt combined with the full citrus aromas of a traditional IPA.

Citra Burst IPA (5.4%) – so popular that it made it onto our core range, Citra Burst is a light golden India pale ale with resinous pine and citrus flavours and light aroma of citrus zest.

Bad Day Bottle glugBad Day At The Office Pale Ale (4.5%) – have you just had a Bad Day At The Office? Then this is the beer for you!

This delicious tipple is a light golden ale with a heavy hop bitterness and flavoured with a strong fruit and citrus aroma.

Rye O’ Rye Red Rye Pale Ale (5.6%) – a rich amber beer with a distinctive rye spice and a great depth of flavour. You will get a light citrus fruit aroma.

Stereotype Bottle glugStereotype Steam Lager (4.5%) – the best inventions were created by accident, up there with Penicillin and Viagra is Alechemy’s first bottled Lager, Stereotype.

This, however, is not your stereotypical lager. This is a full flavoured lager with a spicy hoppy taste and a clean bitter dryness.

Almighty Mofo (7.1%) – a golden double IPA with strong sweet citrus aroma and a deep resinous citrus punch with a strong backbone.

Onyx Black IPA (6.5%) – a deep black IPA painstakingly hopped every minute for 60minutes. Strong hoppy flavour and a citrus and floral aroma.

Galaxy burst glugGalaxy Burst IPA (5.3%) – another of our most popular cask products, Galaxy Burst is a light golden ale with a pungent citrus, grapefruit and stone fruit aroma.

Academic Stout (4.4%) –a deep black stout with a pleasant roasted flavour and a delicate light roast, fruit and floral aroma.

Melgian Tripel Belgian Strong Ale (9.5%) – brewed with Melissa Cole, this tasty tipple is a Belgian style tripel with ester and spice aromas and the flavour to match.

A real taste sensation that should be enjoyed sensibly.


Hig Fig Label glugHigildy Figildy Honey & Fig Saison (5.5%) – Higildy is Alechemy’s recent collaboration with respected London brewer Beavertown Brewery.

This is a light, clean, crisp saison with a subtle honey and spice note. With a delicate fresh aroma this is a very refreshing saison.

Want to know more?

Thanks to Alechemy Brewing for the information and images on this page.

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