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Black Paw Brewery logo at glugWhen we first looked at setting up glug… one of the first breweries we discussed it with was Black Paw Brewery at an event we were talking part in.

They thought it was a great idea – so thanks Black Paw – unwittingly you played a big part in us opening glug… in 2013.

Black Paw Brewery is an independent microbrewery in Bishop Auckland, Co. Durham where brewer/proprietor Phil Whitfield, a.k.a. Black Paw, brews real ale for discerning beer lovers around the North of England and beyond.

In 2010, Phil Whitfield, then a senior manager in a local NHS Trust, having arrived at middle age, took a long hard look at his life and decided the time was right to break free and take on that ‘now or never’ project.

And so the Black Paw Brewery was born.

The suits were binned, the vessels were procured, the long suffering Mrs Black Paw’s hair turned grey but since he started brewing in June 2011, Phil has never looked back…..

What we sell at glug…

Bishop’s Best (3.8%) – this is a classic session bitter of dark amber/ruby colour with noticeable bitter taste and an underlying chocolate.

Paw’s Gold (4.0%) – a rich golden bitter with a complex composition of malt and hop taste with an abundance of aroma hops.

Polar Paw (4.4%) – a dark ale with a bitter-sweet taste complemented by a pleasing hop aroma and treacle aftertaste.

Brewed with select English hops, this is a good traditional ale.

Dark Seam (5.0%) – a deliciously dark and full flavoured beer inspired by a traditional porter recipe.

Overtones of chocolate mixed with a hint of coffee alongside a pleasing aroma of hops – one for the connoisseur.

Black Paw IPA (5.0%) – brewed to an authentic American recipe, this amber ale has a strong complex aroma and refreshing bitter finish.

Archbishop’s Ale (4.1%) – a dark ruby bitter with smooth hops and a satisfying bitter finish this will keep you coming back for more.

Paragon Ale (2.8%) – a light, refreshing, pale gold beer with crisp citrus notes, this satisfying brew is perfect for lazy summer evenings.

Latest news from glug…

Want to know more?

Please note: as we deal with small suppliers, many of which make our orders from scratch or depend on seasonal ingredients, it is always best to check with us in advance if there is a specific product you want.

Thanks to Black Paw Brewery for the information on this page.

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