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Simone Clarkin


Owner of mmm... and glug... since 2008.

She has a wealth of experience in the food and drink industry, including working in Italy for a fine food and drink producer - as well as marketing, PR and event organisation

Simone and her team are committed to bringing the best food and drink to the UK.

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Max Lee


Max Lee looks after our ever-growing range of old and new world wines in glug...

A lover of all things wine-related Max is always keen to explore emerging wine producing regions of the world.

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Ian Clarkin (photo courtesy of NCJ Media)

Ian Clarkin

Beer Wrangler

Ian Clarkin looks after our ever-changing range of seasonal beers and ciders from the North East, the UK, Europe, the USA and beyond at mmm... and glug...

He has over 20 years experience in marketing, sponsorship, event organisation and PR - previously working with prestigious companies such as UEFA, The PGA, Lawn Tennis Association and the Royal Shakespeare Company.

He is also our social media and web guru.

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  • Tel: 0191 222 1818

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