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Allendale Brewery logo at glugAllendale design and produce national award winning UK-brewed beers.

They have a diverse range, showcasing both traditional British and also New World ingredients.

As well as their core range (see below) Allendale also regularly produce low run, limited edition ‘END’ (as in All-END-ale) ales that really do get beer lovers talking.

What we sell at glug… (and the list is growing)

Please note: some beers are seasonal or limited runs.

Wagtail at glugWagtail (3.8% – IBU 33) – superbly balanced English ale with a floral hop aroma from plenty of traditional Goldings and Fuggles hops.

Golden Plover (4.0% – IBU 32) – a golden ale made using the finest pale barley malt to give a clean and refreshing taste. Moderate bitterness and enticing citrus aroma.

Pennine Pale (4.0% – IBU 45) – a golden ale, brewed with an outstanding trio of bold American hops for a full fruity aroma and flavour with a refreshing citrus finish.

Black Grouse (4.0% – IBU 17) – a rich Porter with complex oaked malt flavours. Smooth and rich.

Curlews Return (4.2% – IBU 31) – a chestnut Ale with a zesty floral hop character with a late hopping of Cascade hops

Tar Barl at glugTar Bar’l (4.5% – IBU 39) – a smooth and rich with flavours of coffee and chocolate, complimented with delicate hops to make an authentic yet remarkable stout.

Adder Lager (5.0% – IBU 20) – brewed using traditional techniques and a classic Bohemian yeast, cold fermented and conditioned for an authentic pilsner character.

Crisp, refreshing and full of flavour.

Wolf (5.5% – IBU 23) – a deep red, full bodied beer taking its name from the infamous wolf of Allendale.

Rich and complex malts give body, complimented by a hedgerow berry aroma.

APA (5.5% – IBU 77) – delicate floral English hops and resinous fruity New World hops complement each other perfectly in Allendale’s bestselling IPA.

Limited edition END ales (subject to availability)

Red Rye at glugEND 48 Red Rye (6.0) – roasted rye contributes a unique, dry spicy flavour to this American hopped red ale.

END 31 Export Stout (7.1) IBU 59) – based on a historic recipe this rich, complex, strong dark ale features some fantastic UK hops.

As tradition has proven this beer travels well and age will serve to enhance the flavour.

END 31 *Bourbon Barrel* Export Stout (7.1) – aged for 12 months in an American Oak Bourbon Barrel Allendale’s Export Stout has developed an incredible depth of flavour.

The barrel ageing has added flavours of vanilla and toasted oak and the rich warmth of Bourbon.

Want to know more?

Please note: as we deal with small suppliers, many of which make our orders from scratch or depend on seasonal ingredients, it is always best to check with us in advance if there is a specific product you want.

Thanks to Allendale Brewery for the information on this page.

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