About us

mmm… was born in 2008 with the aim to sell great food and drink from not just close to home, but also from around the world.

Shemin's curry pastesWe love to work with smaller producers who share our passion for good food and quality of life.

We like to source products from local suppliers, and if not local then we like to work with smaller family companies in the UK and beyond.

All of our wonderful suppliers are making tasty food and drink products with care and passion.

Our food ranges from store cupboard basics to the more unusual and exotic – including the best range of herbs, spices, fresh and dried chillies, flour, pasta and more around.

In May 2012 we opened glug…

Our range of beers, ales, ciders, wines and spirits from the north east, the UK, Europe, the USA and beyond is growing every week in the ‘other side.’

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The widest, most interesting range of food and drink in the region (if not beyond). Don’t ask us if we stock something at mmm… – just ask where it is …

We have an ever growing range of flour from local organically-grown and milled Gilchesters Flour through to authentic Italian ’00’ flour.

And each Saturday we have hand made artisan bread from Pink Lane Bakery from Newcastle.

Jerk seasoningHerbs and spices
We have a vast array of the best quality spices, herbs and chillies.

This ranges from everyday basil and bay leaves to hard-to-find sumac, za’atar, saffron and three types of smoked ‘pimenton’ paprika.

See our A to Z of herbs and spices at mmm… here.

International foods
We have a huge range of Indian, Italian, Mexican, Moroccan, Palestinian, Lebanese herbs, spices and ingredients.

These are sourced largely from small producers who are using authentic and traditional methods and recipes.

We have a fantastic range of oils in our decanting service, which offers you possibly the best tasting oils around at the most reasonable prices.

Best of all you can bring your original bottle back to refill time after time.

From Baste and Bray rapeseed (grown and produced locally), to cold-pressed extra virgin olives oils from Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Palestine we have oils to suit every taste.

We also have a superb range of vinegars, glazes and fruit-infused balsamics, plus dressings and marinades from  the traditional to the unusual!

Mr Vikkis chill jam new Hot and spicy
If you like it hot we have a fantastic range of fresh and dried chillies from smokey chipotle and even fiery nagas!

Add to this curry kits, handmade curry pastes, chutneys and sauces and you are in chilli heaven at mmm…

Preserves and chutneys
The most delicious hand made honeys, chutneys, jams and sauces you will find, mostly produced in the north east, Teesdale and Cumbria.

Sweets and treats
Award winning funky handmade organic chocolates from local chocolatier Davenports Chocolates and Montezuma’s, plus delicious handcrafted rolled oat cakes from Fife in Scotland.

Fregola pasta at mmmPasta
We wish we had more shelves most days, simply to get even more types of pasta at mmm…

From the classic spaghetti and penne through to fregola, orzo and even cuttlefish ‘black’ pasta.

Add to that the best tinned tomatoes, passata, pesto and other Italian delights then you will know why we have the best of Italia here in the very centre of Newcastle.

Store cupboard essentials and household basics
We always look to source the best quality organic, beans and pulses, grains, rice, cereals, salts, condiments and dried goods.

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At glug… we stock beers and ales from the north east, the UK, Europe, and beyond, as well as wonderful wines, ciders and a growing range of artisan spirits.

mmm glug Firebrick Brewer RateBeerBritish and local breweries include:

  • Samuel Smith
  • Firebrick Brewery
  • First and Last Brewery
  • Hexhamshire Brewery
  • Twice Brewed Brew House
  • Three Kings Brewery
  • Flash House Brewing.

International brewers from Germany, Holland and Belgium include:

  • Schöfferhofer (Hamburg)
  • Rothaus (Baden-state)
  • Früh Kölsch (Germany)
  • Ayinger (Germany)
  • Diebels Alt (Germany)
  • Hofbräu (Germany)
  • Paulaner (Germany)
  • Hacker Pschorr (Germany)
  • Brugse Zot (Belgium)
  • Chimay (Belgium)
  • Delirium (Belgium).

One thing we can promise is that our range will get bigger and even better. So look out for more great drinks at glug… in the very centre of Newcastle.

And we were delighted to be rated as RateBeer.com best retailer in the region.

Please note: You must be over 18 in the UK, or above the legal drinking age in the country you reside in, to purchase and consume alcohol.

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Find us

You can find us at 129 Grainger Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 5AE.

We are open and licensed on:

  • Monday – 9.30am until 7pm
  • Tuesday – 9.30am until 7pm
  • Wednesday – 9.30am until 7pm
  • Thursday – 9.30am until 7pm
  • Friday – 9.30am until 7pm
  • Saturday – 9.30am until 7pm
  • Sunday (and Bank Holidays) – 10am to 5pm.

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Please note: You must be over 18 in the UK, or above the legal drinking age in the country you reside in, to purchase and consume alcohol.

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