The Zen Baker at mmm…

Every Saturday morning we sell hand-made artisan bread from Northumberland-based The Zen Baker.

Zen Bakers

Zen Baker is a family business who make all of their products by hand using traditional skills and methods before they are baked to perfection.

They pride themselves on the care and attention they take over their hand products.

Adam and Vicky are as passionate about the North East as they are about producing and experiencing the very best food, so they use the highest quality ingredients available from our beautiful area.

They wholeheartedly believe that this reflects in the flavour and quality of their baking, and we think that you will too.

What we sell at mmm…

The range changes regularly but our core Zen Baker breads include:

  • The legendary black pudding and caramelised onion ‘piggy’ loaves
  • Honey and oat
  • Seeded Viking
  • Tiger loaves
  • Treacle loaves
  • Focaccia – sun-dried tomato; black olive; and rosemary/sea salt
  • Malted rye
  • Red rye and onion
  • Date and walnut loaves
  • Giant garlic and cheese loaves
  • Anadama (New England) loaves
  • Wholemeal tin loaves
  • And more …

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Find us

Find us

You can find us at 10-13 Grainger Arcade, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 5QF – the large-glassed area of the Grainger Market where the cafes, flower shops and plant stalls are.

We are directly opposite the rather lovely Pumphreys Coffee Brew Bar (where you can get the best espresso and cappuccino in the UK – officially) .

The nearest entrances to mmm… and glug… are directly opposite T*sco (we can’t bring ourselves to say the full T word) on Clayton Street or opposite Wilkinsons on Nun Street.

We are open and licensed on:

  • Monday – 9am until 5pm
  • Tuesday – 9am until 5.30pm
  • Wednesday – 9am until 5pm
  • Thursday – 9am until 5.30pm
  • Friday – 9am until 5.30pm
  • Saturday – 9am until 5.30pm
  • Sunday – sadly we are closed on a Sunday (we wish we weren’t but the whole market is closed – but we do live in hope …)

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Please note: You must be over 18 in the UK, or above the legal drinking age in the country you reside in, to purchase and consume alcohol.

All about mmm…

Find us

We think we have the widest and most interesting range of food and drink in the region (if not beyond)

We have an ever growing range of flour from local organically-grown and milled Gilchesters Flour through to authentic Italian ’00’ flour.

And each Saturday we have hand made artisan bread from Northumberland-based Zen Baker at mmm…, including the legendary black pudding and caramelised onion ‘piggy’ bread.

Sumac and za'atarHerbs and spices
We have a vast array of the best quality spices, herbs and chillies – from everyday basil and bay leaves to hard-to-find sumac, za’atar, saffron and three types of smoked ‘pimenton’ paprika.

International foods
We have a huge range of Indian, Mexican, Moroccan, Palestinian, Lebanese herbs, spices and ingredients.

These are sourced largely from small producers who are using authentic and traditional methods and recipes.

Zaytoun olive oilWe have a fantastic range of oils in our decanting service, which offers you possibly the best tasting oils around at the most reasonable prices – and best of all you can refill time after time.

From Yellow Fields rapeseed (grown and produced locally), to cold-pressed extra virgin olives oils from Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Palestine we have oils to suit every taste.

We also have a superb range of vinegars, glazes and fruit-infused balsamics, plus dressings and marinades from  the traditional to the unusual!

Hot and spicy
Mr Vikki's King and Queen Naga pickles
If you like it hot we have a fantastic range of fresh and dried chillies from smokey chipotle and even fiery nagas!

Add to this curry kits, handmade curry pastes, chutneys and sauces and you are in chilli heaven at mmm…

Preserves and chutneys
The most delicious hand made honeys, chutneys, jams and sauces you will find, mostly produced in the north east, Teesdale and Cumbria.

Sweets and treats
Award winning funky handmade organic chocolates from local chocolatier Davenports Chocolates and Montezuma’s, plus delicious handcrafted rolled oat cakes from Fife in Scotland.

We wish we had more shelves most days, simply to get even more types of pasta at mmm…

From the classic spaghetti and penne through to fregola, orzo and even cuttlefish ‘black’ pasta.

Add to that the best tinned tomatoes, passata, pesto and other Italian delights then you will know why we have the best of Italia here in the very centre of Newcastle.

Store cupboard essentials and household basics
We always look to source the best quality organic, beans and pulses, grains, rice, cereals, salts, condiments and dried goods.

Don’t ask us if we stock something – just ask where it is …

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Please note: You must be over 18 in the UK, or above the legal drinking age in the country you reside in, to purchase and consume alcohol.

Newcastle deli goes mmm…exican with Thomasina Miers

Thomasina Miers at mmm...

A top UK chef and restaurateur met a horde of her Mexican food disciples at a Newcastle deli today (Thursday, 12 July) after striking up a twitter debate about finding good food.

Grainger market-based ‘mmm…’ played host to Thomasina ‘Tommi’ Miers after being named as one of the top suppliers of Mexican produce in the UK.

Thomasina Miers signed copies of her new book ‘ Wahaca – Mexican Food at Home’ at the deli, which has a growing reputation for sourcing unusual spices, herbs, chillies and other Mexican staples.

The four-year old deli has been listed in the new book, which the former Masterchef winner is hoping will convert even more fans to the world of Mexican cooking.

Thomasina Miers at mmm 2 webOwner of mmm…, Simone Clarkin, 49, was delighted to hear that her deli had been listed in the book and even more excited to hear from Thomasina herself.

She said: “Thomasina Miers is the most mentioned chef we have in our deli and her first book, ‘Mexican food made easy’ is the cooking bible for many of our customers.

“Our conversations started last year via twitter when Thomasina bemoaned the lack of Mexican food in the UK.

“Many of our customers told her about our efforts to supply Mexican and South American food lovers in the region with those hard to get ingredients.

“We are delighted that the north east food scene will feature in the book and the news that Tommi was coming to mmm… saw several of our customers taking a day’s holiday especially to meet her.”

In her book, Thomasina Miers says: “When we first started Wahaca it was extremely difficult to find the necessary ingredients. Chipotles, tomatillos, Mexican oregano, even corn tortillas were unheard of.

“These days the Mexican food bug has spread and people are really up on Mexican ingredients.

“I have come across many of the suppliers, including mmm…, only recently – but they are doing a great job.”

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