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Camden Town BreweryFounder, Jasper Cuppaidge owns The Horseshoe in Hampstead and brewed cask beer in the cellar. But for the other taps on the bar – the lager, wheat beer, pale ales, etc – he had to order from other places.

But there were no beers brewed locally that he liked, so he decided to start the brewery that made those beers.

Camden Brewery sold their first beer in July 2010 from railway arches in Camden Town.

Their classic beers, which are brewed year-round, are: Hells Lager, Pale Ale, Gentleman’s Wit and USA Hells.

Then they have a wide range of limited edition beers brewed throughout the year – these could be any style depending on what’s influencing the brewery and what they want to drink.

What we sell at glug…

Camden Hells Lager – inspired by Germany, delivered for London. A classic lager that’s exactly what it should be: easy-drinking, crisp and dry with beautiful bubbles. Hells means a ‘light one’ in German.

Camden Hells Lager at glugBright, white foam, great bubbles, clean and refreshing with a dry hop finish.

You can taste the great depth of flavour which comes from the long, slow maturation in tank. This is how a great lager should taste.

Combining two of Camden’s favourite beer styles into one, they take the crisp, dry body of a German-style Pilsner and give it the gentle hopping of a Helles to create the beer they really want to drink.

Wanting his beer is the reason Camden decided to start a brewery.

Camden USA Hells – a handshake for Hells and a high-five to USA, this takes Camden’s classic lager and slams Stateside hops at it for an Atlantic-crossing home-run of juicy citrus fruit.Camden USA Hells at glug

Hazy with big foam, bright citrus and tropical fruit aroma, pithy bitterness and amazing hop freshness: it’s got the beautiful lightness of lager countered with a big hit of hops.

Camden love American hops and they love Hells Lager and wanted to smash the two together. The result is probably the most delicious beer they have ever brewed.

Gentleman’s Wit – a Belgian brew with an English accent. Classic white beer spiked with roasted lemons and fragrant with bergamot.

Camden_WIT_clip_LIVECloudy pale yellow with a fluffy foam, there’s fragrant lemon and bergamot and a smooth, full body with a spicy finish.

It started as a one-off brew: Imagine how good a wit would taste with slow-roasted lemons giving their caramelised pithy sweetness and sharp citrus juice, plus the floral freshness of bergamot.

Camden loved it so they brewed it again. And again. And now it’s brewed all the time.

Camden 2014 Tripel (limited stocks so check ahead) – Camden’s take on a Belgian Tripel. Very pale, unfiltered, dry and strong.

A modern interpretation of a classic, in an edition of just 1,800 bottles, designed by Crispin Finn.

8.8% ABV, brewed with pilsner malt, hopped with Styrian Golding and Czech Saaz and containing the secret (and Christmassy) ingredient of Belgian candi sugar syrup.

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Thanks to Camden Town Brewery for the information on this page.

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