Brinkburn St Brewery ‘Groovy Juice’ at mmm…

Brinkburn St Brewery Groovy Juice at glug...

Say hello to (and of course taste) Brinkburn St Brewery’s Groovy Juice at mmm… and glug… this Saturday (8 April) from 1pm.

This ‘New England’-style IPA comes in at 6.0% ABV and is made with seven different hop varieties – Azacca, Cascade, Simcoe (US), Olicana (UK) & Sticklebract, Wai-iti, Waimea (New Zealand).

Rolled flaked oats included in the mash give an enhanced mouth feel, together with an “orangey” appearance and a very juicy character!

It begs the question ‘CAN YOU DIG IT??’ 

About Brinkburn St Brewery

Brinkburn St Brewery was formed in January 2015 by founder Lee Renforth and started brewing in September 2015, after a nine month period of set-up and trial brewing.

Since then, Brinkburn has brewed over 20 different beers that they have tested in over one hundred pubs and clubs in Tyneside and further afield in an attempt to try to identify what real/craft ale drinkers like.

Their core range (all stocked at mmm… and glug… when available) are:

  • Session beers (ABV 3.6 – 4.2%) – Canny Sculler (ABV 3.6%), Byker Blonde (ABV 4.0%) and Byker Hill Bitter (ABV 4.2%)
  • Mid-strength ales (ABV 4.3 – 4.8%) – Byker Brown Ale (ABV 4.8%), Tino (ABV 4.8%) and Geordie Pagoda (ABV 4.8%)
  • Hop-head ales (ABV 5.0%+) – Fools Gold – Remastered (ABV 5.0%), The Pursuit of Hoppiness 2016 (ABV 5.2%) and Hop Gremlin (ABV 5.6%).

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Taste Northumberland-distilled Hepple Gin at mmm…

Hepple Gin at mmm... and glug...

Chris Garden – Head Distiller at Hepple Gin will be at mmm… and glug… this Saturday (1 April) from 1pm for a free tasting of his award-winning Northumberland gin.

Hepple are rooted in the Northumbrian Moors, one of the most botanically vibrant environments in England, where they pick their green juniper and other wild aromatic plants that money cannot buy.

Hepple uses three techniques to capture the full range of flavour from their botanicals bringing them as alive in the bottle as they were in the hills!

They are a copper pot still. a Co2 extraction system and a rotary evaporator.

But enough of that, what does it taste like …

Hepple Gin – tasting notes

Hepple Gin at mmm and glugOn the nose…
There is an immediate fresh scent of green apple, bright grapefruit and spicy juniper.

This then opens up to reveal underlying notes of Douglas Fir, and fragrant blackcurrant.

On sipping …
The initial fresh citrus flavours evolve into unexpected ripe cantaloupe melon, the spicy fragrant juniper continues to coat the palate.

There is a luscious sweet mouthfeel, which is both juicy and quenching.

The finish …
Extremely long and this is where the juniper reveals itself further with flavours alternating between sandalwood and cedar with a notable savoury presence that complements the sweet blackcurrant and liquorice.

The sweet juiciness is maintained throughout the finish.

Cocktail ideas from Hepple Gin.

Chris Garden - Hepple GinMeet the distiller at mmm… and glug…

Chris Garden – Master Distiller at Hepple.

Chris originally worked as head distiller at London-based Sipsmith for over five years before moving to the wilds of Northumberland with his young family.

Chris is a graduate from the Institute of Brewing and Distilling at Heriot-Watt, Edinburgh.

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Poetic License at glug…

Here’s to the wild spirits

We are delighted to welcome Poetic License to glug… with a tasting of their independent small batch distilled gin and vodka from 1pm today (Saturday, 2 April 2016).

Poetic License logoPoetic License use a traditional production method that, although labour intensive, means they are crafting high quality spirits they are happy to give their name to.

For gins, they hand-crush botanicals, macerate and then boil them to gently and gradually release their delightful flavours.

As the liquid evaporates and makes its way around the still it takes with it molecules of oil extracted from the botanicals, meanwhile filling the air with a glorious gin aroma.

When it cools back down to a liquid it begins to come out the other end of the still as gin.

Each of the botanical flavours come through in stages and they know exactly the order so they can track the distillation by taste.

Poetic only take the centre cut known as the hearts, which are the purest and most flavoursome parts of the batch.

For their vodka, using British wheat as the spirit base gives it it’s smoothness and distilling it seven times, making it purer each time, gives it it’s graceful name.

You can enjoy a bottle of Poetic License spirit from glug… knowing it was crafted with care and commitment by hand.

What we sell at glug… 

Northern Dry Gin – Juniper, Cardamom, Pepper, Citrus (43.2% Vol.)

Expect a big punch of juniper that is finely balanced with green cardamom for a warm and spicy flavour.

Poetic License Northern Dry GinWith undertones of lemon and eucalyptus, the inclusion of Persian lime intensifies the citrus feel while adding a note of perfume.

With undertones of lemon and eucalyptus, the inclusion of Persian lime intensifies the citrus feel while adding a note of perfume.

As for the other botanicals … well, that’s Poetic’s secret for now.

Poetic License’s mixing tips: “The gin drinker’s choice, specifically crafted to stand-out in many gin-based cocktails.

“The sweet and bitter flavours of a Negroni and the sharp citrusy flavours of a classic Gin Sour balance well with this powerful, floral gin.”

Serving suggestion: relished over large chunks of ice, with your favourite premium tonic garnished with pink grapefruit.

Old Tom Gin – Juniper, Sweetness, Rose, Oak (41.6% Vol.)

This classic originating from the mid-1800s delivers a sweeter and more peppery taste in comparison with the Dry Gin.

Poetic License Old Tom GinFrom the botanicals alone Poetic nurture its sweet taste, while their oak casks continue t add flavour and colour.

The inclusion of rose petals infuses a distinct character to the sweetness as well as a slight rose gold tinge.

Poetic License’s mixing tips: “The sweet notes of our Old Tom Gin thrive in more subtle cocktail recipes.

“Ingredients like lavender and rose give it good balance whereas bolder ingredients such as anise, juniper and clove could mask its delicate flavours and are best used sparingly.”

Serving suggestion: pour two measures over ice, serve with premium Ginger Ale, garnish with red apple and cinnamon.

Graceful Vodka – Smooth, pure, subtle sweetness. (40.4% Vol.)

When Poetic say Graceful, they mean it’s a gloriously smooth spirit, to be sipped and savoured.

Poetic License Graceful VodkaCreated entirely from British wheat giving a velvety smooth texture, they distil the vodka seven times for purity while preserving its subtle taste.

Poetic License’s mixing tips: “Cocktails with a lighter citrusy flavour work best with our Graceful Vodka; avoid mixers with too much acidic content so it doesn’t lose its cosy warmth.

“A Dry Vodka Martini would be ideal as the smoothness of the vodka complements the light tartness of the Vermouth and balances the drink perfectly.”

Serving suggestion: best enjoyed chilled, neat or savoured with your favourite premium mixer over ice.

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Thanks to Poetic License for the information on their gins and vodkas. Photographs (c) Ian Clarkin of mmm food and drink ltd.

Camel Valley English wines at glug…

camel-valley-logoCamel Valley have been producing award-winning, world-class wines in a beautiful corner of Cornwall (yes Cornwall) since 1989.

What is it that makes their wines so popular with our customers at glug…?

It’s really quite simple – an idyllic setting on sun-drenched slopes near the famous Camel River; excellent grapes that perfectly suit the soil and climate; a respect for traditional vineyard practices combined with a modern approach to wine making and, most importantly, a passion for creating wines that provide pure pleasure…

What we sell at glug…

2012 Camel Valley ‘Cornwall’ Brut (IWC Silver Medal Winner)

This went down well (to say the least) when we took part in the 2015 Newcastle Wine Fair, organised by the Newcastle Wine School.

Served in Rick Stein’s world-famous Seafood Restaurant and Nathan Outlaw’s iconic two Michelin Star Restaurants. ‘Excellent’, Richard Erlich, Wine Critic Independent on Sunday.

2012 Camel Valley 'Cornwall' BrutJane Maquitty (Times) ‘top Jubilee choice’ and Matthew Jukes, Mail Weekend 5 May 2012: ‘One of the most intricately assembled wines around.

Makers Bob and Sam Lindo throw their heart and soul in to every wine they produce – sheer beauty.’ Olly Smith, Mail on Sunday 24 April 2011: ‘Fresh and pinging with a joyful sense of celebration. Magnificently vibrant and alive with fruit’.

Waitrose Weekend Magazine: ‘You can’t go wrong with Camel Valley, a delicious vintage fizz with as much complexity as a Champagne Grande Marque.

Camel Valley is a national treasure with flavours fit for a King and Queen’. Jamie Goode, Express:

‘I just love this beautifully balanced fizz.’ Oz Clarke: ‘Britain’s best value sparkler’.

International Wine Challenge Silver Medal Winner.

2012 Camel Valley ‘Cornwall’ Pinot Noir Rose Brut (IWC Gold Medal And Trophy Winner)

Winning three Gold medals and three Trophies in 2014 was a stunning result for this 2012 vintage.

2012 Camel Valley 'Cornwall' Pinot Noir Rose BrutThe awards include the Sparkling Rose Trophies and Gold medals in the International Wine Challenge, the United Kingdom Vineyards Association and the South West Vineyards Association competitions.

Described by Victoria Moore as ‘a triumph, it’s completely delicious – like a wild cherry blossom nose-kiss’.

Jane Macquitty, the Times critic writes: ‘Camel Valley’s strawberry scented Pinot noir rose Brut is ‘the best …’.

Recommended by Saturday Kitchen’s Olly Smith and a strong pedigree: The 2010 vintage won a Decanter World Wine Award Gold medal, the UKVA Trophy for the best Sparkling Rose in England and was awarded first place in the MWs tasting of 90 English Sparkling wines in 2012.

2013 Camel Valley Bacchus

Matthew Jukes, Daily Mail Weekend: ‘THE UK’s NUMBER ONE ESTATE.

2013 Camel Valley Bacchus“Every wine from CV is a joy and I have picked out my favourite dry white wine, made from the accurately named Bacchus grape, for you to savour.

“For the umpteenth year in a row, this is my favourite dry white English wine. It’s world class.

“Get in quick, this citrus-soaked beauty always sells out fast”

2014 UK Vineyards Association Silver Medal Winner

A distinctive fruity bouquet and a grapey flavour. Perfect with seafood.

Recommended by Fiona Beckett, Guardian Magazine 7th May 2011 and featured in the Michel Roux TV series.

2013 Camel Valley Rose

2013 Camel Valley RoseJilly Goolden ‘Lovely … a good rosé like this has enough dryness and depth of flavour to compliment every style of food.

“I can’t believe it’s English!’ Daily Mail 25 September 2014.

A light rosé with intense strawberry aromas.

This rosé has been made dry and goes beautifully with barbecued mackerel, and is perfect for sipping al fresco.

A real hammock wine! Made from 100% Pinot Noir.

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Thanks to Camel Valley for the information and images on this page. Main image by Ian Clarkin.


Newcastle Wine Fair

We were delighted at glug… to take part in the 2015 Newcastle Wine Fair, held in the wonderful setting of The Old Assembly Rooms, Newcastle.

Newcastle Wine Fair - Max and SimoneNewcastle Wine School and Guest Wines’ event was once again the region’s largest independent wine fair.

We had a great afternoon giving hundreds of local wine lovers (as well as curious tasters) the opportunity to taste Max’s selection of delicious wines from glug…

And we also got to chat with so many people about our amazing range of food and drink at mmm… and glug…

The event was a huge success and we are looking forward to taking part in the 2016 event.

What we sell at glug…

Here is our selection of wines that we took to the event. They are all regulars on our shelves, along with many other great choices.




English wines at glug…

We love British food and drink at glug… and we are delighted to be now stocking the first of many to come wines from vineyards in the south of England.

What do we stock?

First is the Cornwall Brut sparkling white wine from Camel Valley vineyard, one of the finest grown in England.

English wineCamel Valley Brut (12.5% abv) – English sparkling wine with a fresh, bright character and smooth fruit flavours with floral notes. 12.5% alcohol.

Then from Kenton Vineyard in Devon we have the highly aromatic Bacchus and the intensely fruity Rose.

Kenton Vineyard Bacchus (11.5% abv) – a single varietal wine made from Bacchus grapes grown at the Vineyard.

It is a highly aromatic, dry wine with crisp fruit flavours and a long finish.

Kenton Vineyard Rose (11.5% abc) – a slightly darker, full-flavoured rose, with intense red fruit nose also coming through on the palate.

So is English wine any good?

Wine making was introduced to England by the Romans, and has continued with varying levels of success through the centuries.

More recently the warmer British summers have seen a growth in an industry which has traditionally struggled with an unsuitably cold climate.

Chalky, limestone soils in parts of southern England are extremely similar to those found just across the Channel in Champagne and growers have found which grape varieties do well.

Not surprisingly these include the Champagne grapes of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier for the sparklings; Bacchus, Siegerrebe and Seyval Blanc for whites and Rondo, Regent, Dornfelder and Pinot Noir for reds.

Sparkling wines have made huge strides in the last decade and the best of these can easily stand up to French competition.

White wines have developed a delightful, delicate, elderflower-scented style, and beautiful reds ranging from light and pink through to gutsy and dark are beginning to emerge.

We hope you enjoy discovering the exciting world of English wine with us.

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Thanks to Kenton Vineyard, Devon and Enotria World Wine for information on individual wines on this page.