Newcastle food store aims to be Britain’s best

mmm glug logosA Newcastle food and drink store wants local shoppers who are shunning the supermarkets to help it carry off a top UK food award for independent retailers.

Grainger Market-based mmm… and glug… is in the running for the 2015 Farm Shop & Deli Awards and hopes that the award can come to the north east for the first time.

The store, a major supporter of small food producers both in and out of the region, has been on a mission to get more people cooking and eating since it opened six years ago.

The Farm Shop & Deli Awards recognise the very best standards in the UK’s independent, speciality retail market.

And, despite being up against delis and shops in the UK that have been established far longer, owner Simone Clarkin, 51, is determined to show that the region can compete with the whole of the country.

She said: “When we first opened mmm… and then glug… we wanted to get more local people talking about and more importantly, eating great food and drink – and not just relying on the choices supermarkets offer.

“By working with award-winning local producers such as Zen Bakers, Davenports Chocolates, Wylam Brewery, Mr Vikkis, Gilchesters and Anarchy Brewery we have helped raise the profile of the fantastic food and drink being produced in the region.

“But we also look beyond the region by aiming to supply top cooking ingredients that many of our customers and chefs say they can’t get anywhere but London or even abroad.

“We are hoping north east twitterers, food lovers, cooks and chefs can vote and see the accolade coming to the region on behalf of our great suppliers and the food-loving north east as a whole.”

Food lovers can vote for mmm… online at

The Awards developed from Founding Partner Olives Et Al’s Deli of the Year, saw nearly 300 entries in 2014, doubling the amount from previous year.

The overall winner will be announced at Farm Shop & Deli Show on 20 April 2015 at Birmingham’s NEC.

mmm… and the recently opened glug… which stocks hundreds of craft beers, wine and ciders is based at 10-13 Grainger Arcade in the Grainger Market.

The store can be followed online at where over 16,000 followers regularly swap foodie hints, tips, recipes and recommendations.

For more information call Simone Clarkin on 0191 222 1818 or email

The Zen Baker at mmm…

Every Saturday morning we sell hand-made artisan bread from Northumberland-based The Zen Baker.

Zen Bakers

Zen Baker is a family business who make all of their products by hand using traditional skills and methods before they are baked to perfection.

They pride themselves on the care and attention they take over their hand products.

Adam and Vicky are as passionate about the North East as they are about producing and experiencing the very best food, so they use the highest quality ingredients available from our beautiful area.

They wholeheartedly believe that this reflects in the flavour and quality of their baking, and we think that you will too.

What we sell at mmm…

The range changes regularly but our core Zen Baker breads include:

  • The legendary black pudding and caramelised onion ‘piggy’ loaves
  • Honey and oat
  • Seeded Viking
  • Tiger loaves
  • Treacle loaves
  • Focaccia – sun-dried tomato; black olive; and rosemary/sea salt
  • Malted rye
  • Red rye and onion
  • Date and walnut loaves
  • Giant garlic and cheese loaves
  • Anadama (New England) loaves
  • Wholemeal tin loaves
  • And more …

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Wildon Grange at mmm…

adam-wildon-grangeWe have stocked Wildon Grange at mmm… for a number of years originally through Dot and Richard Ritzema who produced homemade salad dressings and marinades, chutneys and flavoured balsamic vinegars from their farmhouse kitchen in Teesdale.

The business is now run by Adam Guy (see right), a long-time family friend, who hand-makes all the products in small batches to offer something for every set of tastebuds – and is just as loved at mmm… as ever.

The recipes are all original, being named after family members, some of whom have more than two legs.

What we sell at mmm…

Blueberry_BalsamicBlueberry balsamic
A legendary sensation at mmm…

This balsamic enlivens any salad or stir fry and is beautiful with fruit or even on  ice cream!

Also delicious for marinating venison, duck and game, as a glaze for roasting veg, a dip for almost anything, or drizzle over fish.

So popular we sometimes have to hide it so everyone can enjoy it!

Apple_BalsamicApple balsamic
Enlivens any salad or stir fry and is beautiful with fruit.

Also delicious for marinating pork, duck and game, as a glaze for roasting veg.

Works as a dip for almost anything or drizzle over fish.

Cranberry Balsamic
Enlivens any salad or stir fry and is beautiful with fruit.Cranberry_Balsamic

Also delicious for marinating turkey, duck and game.

Or use as a glaze for roasting veg, a dip for almost anything.

Try drizzling over fish.

Pomegranate Balsamic
Pomegranate_BalsamicEnlivens any salad or stir fry and is beautiful with fruit.

Also delicious for marinating venison, duck and game.

Try it as a glaze for roasting veg, a dip for almost anything.

Try a drizzle over fish.

Catherine’s Celebration Cranberry Sauce
A delightful cranberry sauce infused with orange and port, delicious all year round.

Cranberry sauce isn’t just for Christmas!

Figgy_PearFrancesca’s Fantastic Figgy Pear Relish
An enticing fusion of eight fruits, hints of Eastern spices and ginger.

Wonderful with cheese, meats or new potatoes.

Spread it on crusty bread or service with quiche or pate and much more!

  • Awarded 2 GOLD STARS at the 2010 Great Taste Awards.

Christophers_CosmicChristopher’s Cosmic Carrot
A divine caramelised carrot with peppers and chilli.

Delicious with cheese, meats, new potatoes and pasta,

Spread it on crusty bread or service with quiche or pate and much more!

  • Awarded 3 GOLD STARS at the Great Taste Awards 2007
  • Voted No. 1 Chutney in Britain by The Independent Newspaper.

lucys_dressingNEW – Lucy’s Lovable Salad Dressing

Enjoy Lucy’s Loveable, beautifully combining fresh zesty lemon with the distinctive flavours of dill and chives, perfect with any salad.

Also a delicious marinade for fish or pork, a dip for prawns, mixed through pasta or noodles and drizzled over potatoes or stir fry.

Further uses include as a marinade for chicken or fish, and as a drizzle over potatoes or pasta.

Sarahs_DressingSarah’s Sublime Ginger and Lime Dressing
Fusing together a zingy lime hit and a ginger kick which adds distinction to any salad.

Also delicious as a marinade for chicken or salmon.

Try as a dip for prawns.

Or mix through into pasta or noodles and drizzled over potatoes or stir fry.

And much more!

Leos_DressingLeo’s Luscious orange and balsamic dressing
A beautiful and unique fusion of balsamic and orange, enlivening any salad.

Also delicious for marinating lamb, duck or fish.

Try it as a glaze for roasted veg or a dip for almost anything.

Or mix through into pasta or noodles or drizzle over potatoes or stir fry.

And much more!

Izzys_DressingIzzy’s Interesting Italian Dressing – an exciting blend of garlic, herbs and tangy peppers, which adds an interesting twist to any salad.

Also delicious as a marinade for chicken or sausages.

Try it as a dip for almost anything, mixed through into pasta or noodles and drizzled over potatoes or stir fry.

And much more!

Georges_DressingGeorge’s Gorgeous Garlic and Honey Dressing – a sophisticated smooth blend of garlic, honey and mustard which excites any salad.

Also delicious for marinating chicken or pork.

Try it drizzled over potatoes or into stir fry or as dips for almost anything and mixed through into pasta or noodles.

And much more!

Dots_Salad_DressingDot’s Delicious Salad Dressing – a traditional blend of mustard and herbs, delightful on any salad.

Also delicious as a marinade for chicken or pork.

Try it as a dip for almost anything, mixed through into pasta or noodles and drizzled over potatoes or stir fry.

And much more!

Want to know more?

Please note: as we deal with small suppliers, many of which make our orders from scratch or depend on seasonal ingredients, it is always best to check with us in advance if there is a specific product you want.

Thanks to Wildon Grange for the information (and images) on this page.

Newcastle trader wants views on market’s future

A local business has taken to social media to get views on the opening hours of Newcastle’s Grainger Market after being inundated with customers wanting to shop more often.

mmm… and glug… who are based in the 180-year-old venue, has set up an online survey to get the views of existing and potential market shoppers, ahead of a poll of traders by Newcastle City Council.

The food and drink store, which has over 17,000 followers on Twitter and Facebook, wants Newcastle City Council and other traders to look at consistent opening hours, as well as Bank Holiday and Sunday openings.

The business set up the survey after being regularly asked as to why the market closes at 5.30pm most days and is closed every Sunday and public holidays.

Simone Clarkin, 51, who set up mmm… six years ago, says the market needs to change to reflect the views of today’s shoppers and that changes could create new jobs and a boost to the local economy.

She said: “Barely a day goes by when customers who shop in the whole market and other traders bemoan the early closing hours or the lack of Sunday and holiday shopping.

“We appreciate that the market has a tradition dating back to 1835, but times change, as do people’s working and home lives.

“Even in the short time that we have been in the Grainger Market it is amazing to see the number of new and exciting businesses opening up.

“This has ranged from Italian pizza makers and hand made jewelry shops to pet boutiques and a soon to be opened French Crêperie.

“Established traders have also taken up the mantle to make it Newcastle’s most enjoyable independent shopping venue, generating millions of pounds for the local economy each year.

“We want to get existing and potential shoppers’ views so we can share them with Newcastle City Council and other traders to help shape the long-term future of the market.”

The survey results (top level with individual comments removed) are here – Grainger Market customer survey results – June 2014

The results of the poll of traders/businesses/tenancies are here – Grainger Market Traders poll – June 2014

English wines at glug…

We love British food and drink at glug… and we are delighted to be now stocking the first of many to come wines from vineyards in the south of England.

What do we stock?

First is the Cornwall Brut sparkling white wine from Camel Valley vineyard, one of the finest grown in England.

English wineCamel Valley Brut (12.5% abv) – English sparkling wine with a fresh, bright character and smooth fruit flavours with floral notes. 12.5% alcohol.

Then from Kenton Vineyard in Devon we have the highly aromatic Bacchus and the intensely fruity Rose.

Kenton Vineyard Bacchus (11.5% abv) – a single varietal wine made from Bacchus grapes grown at the Vineyard.

It is a highly aromatic, dry wine with crisp fruit flavours and a long finish.

Kenton Vineyard Rose (11.5% abc) – a slightly darker, full-flavoured rose, with intense red fruit nose also coming through on the palate.

So is English wine any good?

Wine making was introduced to England by the Romans, and has continued with varying levels of success through the centuries.

More recently the warmer British summers have seen a growth in an industry which has traditionally struggled with an unsuitably cold climate.

Chalky, limestone soils in parts of southern England are extremely similar to those found just across the Channel in Champagne and growers have found which grape varieties do well.

Not surprisingly these include the Champagne grapes of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier for the sparklings; Bacchus, Siegerrebe and Seyval Blanc for whites and Rondo, Regent, Dornfelder and Pinot Noir for reds.

Sparkling wines have made huge strides in the last decade and the best of these can easily stand up to French competition.

White wines have developed a delightful, delicate, elderflower-scented style, and beautiful reds ranging from light and pink through to gutsy and dark are beginning to emerge.

We hope you enjoy discovering the exciting world of English wine with us.

Want to know more?

Thanks to Kenton Vineyard, Devon and Enotria World Wine for information on individual wines on this page.

Trotter’s Independent Condiments at mmm…

What we love most at mmm… about Fife-based Trotter’s Independent Condiments is how they specialise in sourcing, developing and producing products that are unusual or unobtainable in the British market.

Byam Trotter, the owner of Trotters intends to keep increasing the range as they discover and develop new products.

Their most recent additions, which we stock at mmm…, are Mojito Marmalade and A bloody Shame (see below).

What we sell at mmm…

A bloody shame at mmmA Bloody Shame – Byam Trotter loves bloody Mary cocktails and he is a big fan of Bloody mary Chutney, but he had never found one where you can taste the vodka.

His friend Rosanna suggested we just take the Vodka out and call it ‘A Bloody Shame’. So that’s what he did.

Great as a pizza topping, with cold meats and baked potatoes, sandwiches, a pasta sauce or as salsa for crisps and tortillas.

Trotters pepper jelly and dipping sauceSweet pepper dipping sauce – is made using the same Peppers (scotch bonnet and sweet) as Trotter’s Hot Pepper Jelly.

The dip, unlike the jelly, is runny with bits of pepper in it for a different texture and consistency and can be used for different things.

Great with crisps, tempura prawns, salad dressings, stir drys, mayonnaise (as a dip), pate, egg mayo sandwiches and omelettes.

Uncle Allan’s Chutney – is a raw fruit chutney made from apples, onions, dates and sultanas.

Instead of cooking, the chutney it sits in a vat and socks in Malt vinegar for a few days before going into the jars where it sits for at least a month to mature before selling.

It also benefits form a subtle kick from a hint of Cayenne Pepper. Great with mature cheeses, sandwiches, cold meats, leftover lunches and picnics.

Mojito jelly – is literally a Mojito turned into jelly. It is non-alcoholic, whether that is a good thing or not we will leave to your own judgement but you can still taste the rum and it is delicious.

Great with oily fish such as mackerel and salmon, oysters, lamb (as a mint sauce), ice cream and arm desserts such as crumbles (it will melt into a nice sauce).

Trotters mostardo at mmmMostarda – is an Italian recipe which is a fruit based condiment that gains quite a kick from a healthy jolt of powdered mustard and mustard seeds.

It is one of the standard condiments served with cold meats in Northern Italy. The condiment also goes extremely well with any cheese but is especially good with hard cheese.

Great with making any sandwich into a luxury lunch, ploughman’s, cold meats and mixed leaves, bacon roll, cold meats, baked potatoes, coleslaw, cheese, beans (yes, really), shepherds pie, curries, stews, casseroles and porridge!

Suzanne’s marmalade – a seville orange marmalade with the addition of lap sang Souchong tea to give it a smokey aroma.

The name comes from the Leonard Cohen song of the same name ‘Suzanne’ where one of the lyrics is “She brings you tea and oranges that come all the way from china.”

Check out recipes using Trotter’s Independent Condiments here.

Want to know more?

Please note: as we deal with small suppliers, many of which make our orders from scratch or depend on seasonal ingredients, it is always best to check with us in advance if there is a specific product you want.

Thanks to Trotters Independent Condiments for the information on this page.

The Garlic Farm on the Isle of Wight

We are delighted to have increased our range of garlic-based goodies from The Garlic Farm on the The Isle of Wight at mmm…

The range, which is seasonal so please check for updates, includes:

Garlic_hampersExtra large Iberian garlic – this garlic has been grown for the Garlic Farm by their partners in Spain.The variety is very similar to our own Iberian Wight which produces large round cloves of medium strength garlic.

Great for Mediterranean and tapas style dishes where you do not want to over power the fresh simple flavours of the cooking.

Oak smoked garlic bulbs – smoked garlic is partially cooked; expect it to keep 4-6 weeks from date of purchase. This is outstanding stuffed inside a roast chicken and slow cooked.

Black garlic – if you have not had this before, it really is quite special. Naturally heat-aged over a period of months this garlic is a highly sought-after ingredient in top restaurants world wide.

It’s perfect sweet syrupy flavour and garlic undertones make it a very versatile ingredient with a host of culinary uses. It is also delicious simply as a snack without the fear of garlic breath.

Garlic mayonnaiseGarlic mayonnaise – a thick, smooth & creamy garlic mayonnaise tasting as it should. There’s no turning back.

Toasted garlic mayonnaise – a mayonnaise that has an addictive quality with creamy garlic flavours. Add liberally as a topping to a traditional steak sandwich served with French fries, and fresh crisp salad.

Perfect with grilled meats, or when used simply as a dip.

Garlic mayonnaise with mint (limited edition) – mayo, garlic and mint? Try this with Lamb kebabs or mix into a new potato salad.

Garlic mayonnaise with chilli (limited edition) – our classic garlic mayo with a bit of bite. Perfect as a dipping sauce, with sausages or why not try a chilli mayo coleslaw?

Garlic Farm hot garlic pickle at mmmHot garlic pickle – finely chopped garlic mixed with many complex flavours including distinctive black onion seed, chilli and cumin.

A fantastic partner for sausages and red meats and pies. Also serve with Indian curries such as lamb or as a condiment to South Indian dishes.

Fig, apple and garlic chutney – a fruity temptation from the Garden of Eden. This rich fruity chutney partners well with cheese and game dishes.

With the perfect sweet/sour balance it also compliments curries, casseroles and rice dishes.

Vampire relish – hot tomato salsa with garlic – a blood-red tomato salsa with serious garlic undertones makes this the ideal associate for home made burgers and sausages and a must for pre-barbecue snack with tortilla chips.

Try Vampire Relish as an alternative to tomato sauce or to stir through your pasta dish. Alternatively, this delicious tangy relish is simply addictive when used as a dip.

Garlic, olive oil and white balsamic vinaigrette – a classic vinaigrette that will enliven any summer salad. The perfect blend of Greek olives with garlic undertones.

Chilli and garlic dressing – great for enlivening salads, pastas and fish dishes, this is an outstanding gourmet dressing with a real garlic and chilli kick.

Gourmet Mediterranean mix – the perfect antipasti mix of Cornichons, Silver Skin Onions, Sweet Snacking Garlic Cloves & Sun Dried Tomatoes. Can be served as a snack, tapas or tossed into salads.

Sweet snacking cloves in oil with chilli – whole garlic cloves marinated in oil with chilli flakes.

A slightly fiercer bite and very popular with all those who like the tanged heat of chilli with their sweet and crunchy garlic clove. Ideal to pass around as tapas or crunch with a beer or wine.

Gourmet Mediterranean mixSweet snacking cloves in oil with herbs – whole garlic cloves marinated in oil with mixed herbs. Sweet and crunchy without the biting heat of fresh garlic.

This won’t linger on the breath yet assures you that its garlic goodness is still there. Ideal to pass around as tapas or crunch with a beer or wine.

Sweet snacking cloves in oil with herbs – whole garlic cloves marinated in oil with mixed herbs. Sweet & crunchy without the biting heat of fresh garlic.

This won’t linger on the breath yet assures you that its garlic goodness is still there. Ideal to pass around as tapas or crunch with a beer or wine.

Garlic puree – easy to use garlic purée – the essential aid for the gourmet chef. Suitable for almost any dish where garlic is required and especially when time is of the essence.

No peeling, crushing, slicing. Just open and squeeze!

The garlic salt collection – enhance almost any conceivable dish with a simple twist of one of our four garlic salts.

Each has its own distinctive character and application and deserves it’s space in the spice cupboard of the garlic lover.

Want to know more?

Thanks to The Garlic Farm on the Isle of Wight for the garlicky information on this page.

Little Salkeld Watermill flours at mmm…

We have an ever growing range of flour from local organically-grown through to authentic Italian ’00′ flour.

We pride ourselves on always looking to find new ranges of flours and are delighted to be stocking stoneground flours from Cumbrian-based Little Salkeld Watermill.

The Penrith-based mill is one of the country’s few working waterpowered corn mills still producing stoneground flour the traditional way.

What we sell at mmm…

  • 100% Wholewheat
  • 85% Wholewheat
  • 100% Rye
  • Granarius (malted wheat flour)
  • Four Grain (which contains Barley, Rye and Oats and Wheat).

Download a guide to getting the best from Little Salkeld Watermill flours or using Little Salkeld Watermill flours with a bread maker.

Want to know more?

Thanks to Little Salkeld Mill for the information on this page.


Bims Kitchen at mmm…

A firm favourite at mmm… Bim’s Kitchen is the creation of husband and wife team James “Bim” (pictured below with mmm… owner Simone Clarkin at a tasting in our shop) and Nicola Adedejire.

The small family business makes an award-winning range of own-recipe African-inspired food products including sauces, ketchups, marinades, hot sauces and chutneys.

They use ingredients native to or commonly used in Africa like baobab fruit, cashew nuts, alligtor pepper, cubeb and hibiscus flowers amongst others, to make easy-to-use sauces and condiments

SBims Kitchen at mmm - tastingome of their recipes had long been enjoyed by friends, family and work colleagues who actively encouraged them to develop a range of retail products for others to enjoy.

Others have been created as their business has grown and they found new and ever more tasty and interesting things to make with our unique range of ingredients.

Whatever Bims Kitchen product you try from mmm…, you are in for a real treat!

What we sell at mmm… (heat ratings in brackets)

African Lemon, Garlic and Pepper Sauce (none) – a mild piquant sauce with a delightful flavour. A great condiment for meat, fish, vegetables or tofu.

ideal as a dipping sauce for spring rolls, gourmet crisps, fried, grilled or roasted meat and fish; on burgers, hot dogs or can be used to “spice up” salad dressings, mayonnaise, coleslaw or marinades.

Makes a great marinade for pork, chicken and fish and a tasty salad dressing. Also a great ingredient for stir-fries and stews.

Spicy African Ketchup (medium) – a bit more exciting than your usual ketchup! Great as a dipping sauce for spring rolls, gourmet crisps, fried, grilled or roasted meat and fish; on burgers, hot dogs or can be used to “spice up” salad dressings, mayonnaise or coleslaw.

Add some lemon juice and oil to create a tasty marinade or add to mayonnaise/plain yoghurt to create a tasty dip or sandwich spread. Also a great cooking ingredient.

Spicy African BBQ Sauce (medium) – very moreish and smoky, packed full of flavour and a delightful marinade for pork/beef ribs, chicken or use as a pour-on condiment.

African Baobab BBQ Sauce (none) – another great sauce made with baobab fruit- a delightful smoky marinade for ribs, chicken etc. and an all-round condiment which is also great with vegetable dishes.

Hot African Baobab BBQ Sauce (high) – this BBQ Sauce combines the fantastic flavour of the original with added cayenne and birdseye chillies! The new sauce is a delightful marinade for pork/beef ribs, chicken or use as a pour-on condiment or stir-fry sauce.

African Lemony Piri Piri (medium) – perfect as a marinade especially for making delicious grilled chicken and pork, but equally great with lamb and fish.

Can be used as a cooking sauce or added to mayonnaise/plain yoghurt to create a tasty dip or sandwich spread or added to rice, pasta or noodles.

Hot African Lemony Piri Piri (high) – this is for chilli heat lovers- a hotter version of Bim’s Lemony Piri Piri! Use like the Lemony Piri Piri Sauce when you want more heat.

African Chilli Coconut Relish (high) – a lovely blend of real coconut, red chilli, alligator pepper, tomato, lemon juice and other spices.

Great with steak, burgers, cold meat, pate, fish, cheese or mix with beaten egg for a delicious omelette. A great stir-fry ingredient- especially with prawns.

African Baobab Chilli Jam (high) – a great chilli jam which uniquely combines the African baobab fruit in a tangy, very flavourful recipe.

Delightful with meat, fish, vegetables, eggs, cheese or some  past and noodles. It makes a tasty marinade or dipping sauce and can spice-up your favourite stew or stir-fry.

African Baobab Pepper Jam (none) – the baobab chilli jam without the chilli! It is delightful with meat, fish, vegetables, eggs, cheese or with pasta and noodles.

Makes a tasty marinade or dipping sauce and can spice-up your favourite stew or stir-fry.

Hot African Pepper Sauce (very high) – Bim’s first hot sauce made with a blend of chillies, roasted red peppers and other exotic ingredients including ginger, oregano, alligator pepper, cubeb, fruity hibiscus and lots of garlic and lemon juice.

Perfect for adding extra heat and flavour to any dish as a pour-on sauce on eggs, vegetables, meat and fish or in marinades, sauces, casseroles and stews.

Fiery African Pepper Sauce (very, very high) – Bim’s latest and hottest sauce which adds a fiery kick to any dish.

African Peanut Curry Sauce (medium) – made from a special blend of ingredients including roasted peanuts, coconut milk, dried ginger, garlic, alligator pepper, cubeb pepper, lemon and tomatoes.It contains everything in a jar to create a delicious meat, fish or vegetable curry, or just on its own with rice.

African Tomato and Cashew Curry Sauce (medium) – made with tomatoes and roasted cashew nuts as well as Bim’s special blend of herbs and spices.

This is a great cooking sauce for cooking meat, fish or vegetables.

Want to know more?

Please note: as we deal with small suppliers, many of which make our orders from scratch or depend on seasonal ingredients, it is always best to check with us in advance if there is a specific product you want.

Thanks to Bims Kitchen for the information on this page.

Mr Vikki’s and the ‘ChilliMafia’ at mmm…

Mr Vikki’s is one of mmm…’s longest standing suppliers and never ceases to amaze and surprise us with his spicy, hot and tasty products.

We are proud to stock more Mr Vikki’s products than any other shop in the country – and long may it continue.

All recipes are unique and made by Adam (Mr Vikki’s) Marks.

He makes Mr Vikki’s in small batches from fresh ingredients and freshly milled spices, and doesn’t compromise on quality, using fresh chopped ginger, garlic and various types of fresh chillies.

We get regular deliveries of Mr Vikki’s at mmm… and the range is always popular so please do check ahead if you are after a specific product.

What we sell at mmm…

The classics …

Mr Vikkis at mmmMr Vikki’s chilli jam – our best seller! Great to use instead of a ketchup or relish, in sandwiches, in a stir fry or as a marinade, the list goes on!

Mr Vikki’s XXX hot chilli jam – this is a tribute to the multi-award winning Chilli Jam but for those who like it hotter!

Mr Vikki’s Queen Naga – if you like it hot the Queen Naga is for you! A 50g jar – small but explosive!

Mr Vikki’s King Naga – an ‘8 chilli’ rating, full of flavour probably the hottest natural chilli pickle in the UK.

Mr Vikki’s Emperor Naga – an ‘everyday’ Naga pickle! A unique South East Asian inspired pickle, great in sandwiches, burgers and with all savoury foods that need a bit of heat.

Add to mayo then mix in some chicken for a lush filling for sarnies or baked spuds! It’s a product to play about with and see what you can do with it. Warning though – very addictive taste!

Pickles and chutneys

Mr Vikki’s banana habanero – hot banana with fresh root ginger, great with curry, chicken and anything spicy.

Packed with fresh ginger, bananas and has a kick of Habanero chillies. A ham sandwich will never be the same again!

Mr Vikkis banana habaneroMr Vikki’s lime pickle – authentic tangy and fresh lime pickle with a hint of chilli.

Mr Vikki’s hot brinjal (aubergine) piquin pickle – an Indo-Mexican pickle, the rich classic Brinjal pickle made with fresh aubergines lifted with Mexican piquin chillies that have been roasted to give a nutty smokey flavour.

A great modern sandwich pickle with a good punchy chilli flavour, good with cheese also. Put it on toast then cheese on top and grill for a superb snack.

Hot tamarind chutney – tamarind is painstakingly extracted by hand from the pod, then mixed with roast spices, smokey chipotle chillies, sugar, fresh chopped ginger and fresh garlic, cooked slowly overnight to give a hot sweet and mouth wateringly sour chutney.

Fab mixed with fresh chopped bananas for an instant relish. A great Bar-b-que smokey flavour from the chipotles comes through. Marinade strips of lamb overnight, stir fry and serve in wraps with a little Greek yoghurt and salad.

Can be served with poppadoms and as a sandwich pickle.

Mr Vikki’s mango chutney – mango chutney with a hint of fresh chillies and fresh garlic. Goes with anything you fancy, including cheese sandwiches.

Mr Vikki’s tomato and nigella chutney – this is used on everything – colder hot food, cheese meats, fish and more. Sweet and sour tomato flavour with distinctive Nigella (onion seed) taste and is lightly spiced.

Mr Vikki’s carrot pickle – crispy carrots, spices and warming spices great with sandwiches, cheese, or as a side for all savoury foods and with poppadoms on the pickle tray.

Sauces and ketchups

Mr Vikki’s Harry’s roast chipotle BBQ sauce – lip smackin’ bone sucking, tongue tingling greatness!

Made to make you smile from ear to ear just the same as the sauce will be on your face when you devour those baby back ribs smothered in Harry’s Roast Chipotle BBQ Sauce.

Just perfect on a bacon sarnie, sausage butty or hot dog. Add some to mayo for a cheeky BBQ dip or a bit to stew to give it that smokey BBQ edge.

Smoother chicken and bacon with melted cheese and you will never need to leave the house again!

Mr Vikki’s hot coriander sauce – an amazing sweet chilli sauce, perfect for dipping into, drizzling over salads or using as a sweet chilli marinade!

Mr Vikki’s ‘Hot Stuff’ Scotch bonnet and mango sauce – Mr Vikki’s original chilli sauce made with 50% Scotch Bonnet chillies and fresh mango for a luxury fragrant hot chilli sauce.

Mr Vikki’s Max’s urban ketchup – a spicy tomato ketchup with an interesting spice blend and just a little kick of chillies.

Mr Vikki’s Thai sweet chilli habanero sauce – made for those who love Mr Vikki’s flavours but like something a little less hot. This mild Thai sauce delivers on both counts!

The result is a tangy oriental sauce with a touch of heat, and we mean a touch of heat. This sauce is really designed for everyone to enjoy. Superb with prawns, chicken or as a sauce for dipping.


Mr Vikkis mustardsMr Vikki’s chipotle mustard – a lush creamy wholegrain mustard with divine chipotle chillis to give it an edge of chilli and a great flavour dimension.

Perfect lashed on ham or beef sarnies and goes great with cheese. It makes a wicked cream sauce for steak and goes extremely well with a good pork pie!

Mr Vikki’s piri piri mustard – a wholegrain mustard with Birdseye chillies. Great with cold meats, grills and sandwiches!

 Mr Vikki’s Guy Fawkes Mustard – a super hot English mustard with a hint of lemon to give you a really amazing flavour to compliment any cold meat.

Guy Fawkes is Mr Vikki’s product without even a hint of chilli. We doubt you’ll be disappointed by the lack of chilli – this mustard really is super hot!

The ‘ChilliMafia’

Mr Vikkis ChilliMafia Nasty Naga NutsNo 1 Capo Di Tutti – if you like a ‘Boss of Bosses’ ketchup, this is the one. Smoky, rich and fiercely hot.

No 2 Roast Piri Piri – a flavoursome piri piri Birds Eye chilli sauce that is fiery and great on all foods. Use like ketchup as a marinade or for stir fries.

No 3 The Jamaican – a hot Jamaican pepper sauce with fragrant jerk spices. Use like a chilli sauce or as a marinade for meat, fish or vegetables and grill for an authentic jerk-style flavour.

No 4 Bangkok Sriracha – a rich Thai-style sauce. Use like ketchup or as a rub for roasts and barbeques. Can also be added to soups and stews or used as a stir fry sauce.

Nasty Naga Nuts 2 – roasted salted large cashew nuts with super hot naga, sea salt, spices and extra virgin rapeseed oil.

Eat using a spoon is Mr Vikki’s advice!

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