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Olives Et Al at mmm...Our customers at mmm… love the marinated, stuffed and pitted olives and more from Dorset-based Olives Et Al.

As well as award-winning olives, they also produce olive oil, snacks, nuts, dressings, sauces and antipasti food.

It is over 22 years since Giles and Annie’s year-long honeymoon trip around The Med, Middle East and North Africa, really did turn out to be the ‘holiday of a lifetime’ as it created the backbone of who Olives Et Al are today.

They were away for a little under a year during which time they travelled across the top of North Europe, through Turkey, into Syria and down to Jordan, into the West Bank and Israel then back to Jordan and onto Sinai and Libya.

During the trip they collected recipes from everywhere and in October 1993 sold their first jars of olives at the Rural Living Show in Bath.

Ever since then the Olives Et Al team have been faithfully re-creating those recipes, and finding many more, using traditional methods and top notch ingredients from the best suppliers they can find.

What we sell at mmm.. and glug…

2_rosemary_and_garlic_copySunshine rosemary and garlic olives (250g) 

Fancy a bit of sunshine?

These mixed green Amphissa and dark Kalamata olives naturally infused with sun dried tomatoes, garlic and rosemary will have you reaching for your sunnies and the Chablis from glug…

The rosemary and garlic infused oil is lovely to use in all manner of dishes, but it’s particularly perfect with lamb.

2_chilli_and_garlicClassic chilli and garlic olives (250g)

Nicely warm and spicy and one of Olives et al’s all-time best sellers.

Mixed Amphissa and Kalamata olives marinated in chilli infused extra virgin olive oil with garlic and black pepper.

Enjoy these with a good beer and then marinade whatever you like in the oil.

We prefer steak, but hey, just go with whatever floats your boat say Olives Et Al.

2_basil_and_garlic_copyPistou basil and garlic olives (250g)

Olives Et Al discovered this recipe down in Provence – the Pistou refers to the Provencal version of Italian Basil Pesto – the French simply use basil, garlic and oil.

Wonderfully rich and fresh French recipe inspired by the blue skies of Provence, these basil and garlic Amphissa olives taste clean and fresh – an Oliveer favourite!

The basil infused extra virgin olive oil makes for a great salad, pasta or pizza dressing after the olives have been eaten.

2_cumin_and_corianderMoorish cumin and coriander olives (250g)

Marinated in extra virgin olive oil with cumin, coriander and cardamom.

These rich, fragrant and full bodied Kalamata olives, prepared to an old Moroccan recipe, are one of Olives Et Al original recipes and an all-time best seller.

Truly deep, rich and aromatic with a dark chocolate note these make the perfect partner for a nice glass of red.

Use the oil for roasting veg scattered with Dukkah  from mmm…

2_lemon_and_corianderVerde lemon and coriander olives (250g)

Fragrant citrus infused Amphissa olives prepared to an old Spanish recipe of lemon, coriander and garlic.

Crisp and fresh it’s perfect with a glass of white wine.

Or enjoy for breakfast if you’re feeling particularly Spanish.

Do remember to use the naturally flavoured extra virgin olive oil after you’ve finished the olives.

800x800_1Smoky chipotle olives (250g)

Like your chilli hit to be a warm and smoky hug rather than a prod with a red hot poker?

These smoky chipotle chilli olives feature whole Amphissa olives, marinated in extra virgin olive oil naturally infused with chipotle chillis.

Did you know that it takes 10 kilos of jalapeños to make 1 kilo of chipotles?

8x8_smoked_kalSmoked Kalamata olives (250g)

Naturally ripened Kalamata olives gently and traditionally smoked over oak and marinated in extra virgin olive oil.

Olives Et Al smoke the olives over oak chippings for around 16 hours before steeping them in extra virgin olive oil.

Use a spoonful of the smoked extra virgin olive oil from the jar to make scrambled eggs – truly superb.

2_tapenade_provencalFrench-inspired Tapenade Provencal with anchovies (160g)

Just so as you know Tapenade originated in Marseille in the 19th Century and the ingredient that gives it its name are capers.

Without capers a tapenade just isn’t. Olives Et Al’s really is unlike any other: coarse, full bodied and powerful mix of olives, capers, garlic, anchovies, oil and spices is still the best we’ve ever made or eaten.

Cracking with with chicken, lamb, roasted vegetables or dips.

2_morrocan_inspired_tapanade_marocaineMoroccan inspired Tapenade Marocaine with preserved lemons (160g)

Fresh and zestful twist on classic tapenade this boasts a lemony kick adding a citrus note to dishes.

Amazing invention of Olives Et Al (if they do say so themselves) and a firm favourite with the Sunday Times.

They have taken out the anchovies from their Tapenade Provencal and replaced them with Moroccan Preserved Lemons for a really fresh and zesty sauce.

2_levant_inspired_corriander_redchili_pestoLevant-inspired coriander and red chilli pesto (135g)

Based on a Yemeni recipe for their fiery chilli sauce called Zhoug this is Olives et al’s version – still fiery and with a huge depth of flavour.

We’ve discovered that spread thinly over salmon fillets before baking works really rather well.

Also great through couscous or bulgar wheat. try it and let us know.

2_red_pepper_almond_pestoCatalan-inspired red pepper and almond pesto (135g)

Based on an original Catalan recipe for Romesco sauce Olives Et Al discovered in Tamariu this pesto is ideal with all sorts of pasta, grilled fish or chicken.

Spread it over white fish before grilling and then simply plonk over a salad dressed with the pesto mixed with a little olive oil for a simple supper or elegant starter.

Proper Genovese basil and pine nut pesto (135g)

2_proper_genovese_basil_pinenut_pestoIt took Olives Et Al 18 years to perfect this. Which is why has the number 18 on the label (as well as a well-deserved Great Taste award).

Made with 45% fresh basil sourced from the Ligurian region in Northern Italy, along with whole pine nuts, traditional parmesan cheese that has been aged for 30 months, extra virgin olive and sunflower oils.

Perfect stirred through pasta.

Or use as a dip with crusty bread or on the base of tarts and quiches.

2_north_african_style_red_chilli_harrissa_sauceNorth African-inspired red chilli harissa sauce (180g)

Olives Et Al first found Harissa when journeying through Egypt.

It was served over Kushari – a sort of rice, lentil and pasta dish and they fell in love with it.

Their own harissa is wonderfully fiery and aromatic adding intense flavour to all sorts of dishes like tagines, couscous, dips, sauces or even fish.

Or try it stirred into mayonnaise for a warm dip.

2_eygptian_inspired_spiced_dukkahEgyptian-style spiced Dukkah aromatic rub (90g)

Olives Et Al  discovered Dukkah in Egypt where it’s served as a side dish to dip oil basted bread into as a hors d’oeuvre.

Made with roasted almonds, hazelnuts, cumin, coriander, sesame and spices all freshly roasted and ground by Olives et al.

They use it almost daily; scattered into a salad, over roasting veg or spuds, mixed with oil as a meat rub.

Stir into salads, rice or straight over roasted vegetables.

2_lemon_and_dillCitrus lemon and dill dressing (250ml)

Created this to go over simply prepared fish but it’s equally at home stirred into crushed potatoes.

With its fresh and citrus notes it’s just the thing for fish or the perfect Summer salad dressing.

Also pretty good for dunking bread in, too.

2_pink_grapefruitMojo pink grapefruit dressing and marinade (250ml)

Inspired by a Caribbean sauce from the Cayman Islands known locally simply as Mojo Sauce.

Olives Et Al Pink Mojo was developed by Daisy in their kitchen and it hasn’t looked back since.

Happily unusual, wonderfully versatile and loved by all.

Try Pink Mojo with fish parcels on the BBQ – brush a square of foil with oil, add a dod of fish, slosh of Mojo, seal the parcel and steam for 5-10 mins.

2_mustard_and_herbProper mustard and herb dressing and marinade (250ml)

A twist on a classic vinaigrette this is made from extra virgin olive oil and white wine vinegar infused with garlic and Herbes de Provence.

For a thicker, mayonnaise style try whisking it into beaten egg with a spoonful of Dijon.

If you’re really daring then try using the mix to make a mustard and herb omelette.

2_beetroot_and_thymePunchy beetroot and thyme dressing and marinade (250ml)

Earthy and rich dressing that lends real colour and flavour to salads of all styles. Very British.

The natural sweetness of beetroot is complemented by fresh thyme and hints of ginger for a real deep, rich and earthy dressing.

For a thoroughly British dish to stir the cockles of your heart and gird your loins, stir into soured cream and serve with smoked salmon.

Also stir into hummus for a refreshing dip.

2_shallot_and_orangeRich shallot and orange dressing and marinade (250ml)

Surprisingly springy and zestful dressing made from extra virgin olive oil, orange juice and wine vinegar infused with orange zest and shallot.

Use to marinate all types of meat, prawns or duck or dress a simple salad.

This dressing needs a real good shake to mix all the flavours.

Great with salads, pasta and couscous.

2_chilli_and_gingerSpicy chilli and ginger dressing and marinade (250ml)

Originally conceived and created to be the perfect accompaniment to Thai Crab Cakes this is a devilishly good chilli and ginger sauce.

Great for dipping, dressing or dowsing fishcakes, crab cakes, stirring into mashed spud, or spicing up any pasta dish.

Also wonderful sloshed over new potatoes.

2_beetroot_and_thymeTart raspberry and mint dressing and marinade (250ml)

Very summery dressing that just makes the best partner for duck.
Slash a duck breast, pour over the Raspberry and Mint and marinate for 30 mins; cook the breast in a very hot pan, slice thickly and plop over a dressed salad – simple.

Lovely on a summers day to banish the grey of winter.

Great on a grey day to remind you of summer.

Want to know more?

Thanks to Olives et al for the information and images on this page.