Our mission and values

mmm glug logosOur mission and values – who are we?

Mmm Food and Drink Ltd is growing to become a family of entrepreneurial food businesses selling and promoting good quality and cutting edge food products in Northeast England and beyond.

The business currently consists of a retail food and drink store trading as mmm… (foods) and glug… (beers, wines, ciders and spirits).

The business is based in centre of Newcastle upon Tyne in the fantastic and historic Grainger Market and sells a wide selection of food and drink sourced, wherever possible, from small passionate artisan producers.

It is our ambition for mmm… and glug… to become the ‘go-to’ place for good food in the northeast and a viable alternative to the multiples. 

We have three key values: 

  • Relationships – we value relationships, with the people we work with, the people who supply our products and the people we feed. Food brings people together and we love to serve and genuinely find pleasure in sharing food with our customers
  • Innovation – we pride ourselves on being market leaders. We constantly strive to develop and expand, learning from our employees, our customers and our suppliers. The more we learn, the more we know
  • Integrity – we aim to act conscientiously, always thinking about the impact of our decisions, not just with the products and services we provide, but also as a sustainable community serving business. 

How does this translate to our operations?

We believe that food brings people together. The food we sell connects our employees, our customers, our suppliers and our environment.

We feel it is important that our business in firmly rooted in the community we serve.

Our employees: We strive to create a learning and rewarding workplace for our employees. We want our employees to build a career as part of Mmm Food and Drink Ltd.

They are the critical link between our customers and our producers. They love to talk about food and share this with our customers. 

Producers: We have a keen appreciation and respect for our suppliers. We put a great deal of effort in to finding the right suppliers to ensure that we provide the best products out there.

We like to get to know our suppliers personally and aim to partner with suppliers and producers whose values reflect our own.

Customers: We treat customers like guests in our own home. We are grateful for their support and we are always conscious of how we treat and serve them.

Environment: Where we shop and eat has an impact on our environment and we hope our customers chose to shop with us because they want their impact to be positive.

Our decisions run from the range of suppliers we chose to work with to striving to minimize our impact on natural resources and cultivating relationships with the broader community.

mmm… and glug…

We aim to be a full service food store, a one-stop shop with a selection of products that we have carefully chosen to be the best.

We seek out the passionate chilli grower, the fanatical sauce maker, the traditional pasta maker, the passionate local brewer, the dedicated wine maker.

We are passionate about products made in small batches and enjoy bringing our community the best examples we can so that they can enjoy them on a daily basis.

We aim to taste and know the story behind products before we put them on our shelves. Want all of our staff to be passionate about every one of our producers.

We are inspired and influenced by customer recommendations and so our selection reflects what our community wants, including a mix of old favorites and exciting new products.

Food (grocery, fresh, delicatessen) – we are a shop for cooks, a one-stop shop for all the ingredients you need (no matter what level of skill).

We aim to offer a balanced and interesting range of products that speaks to the customer, whether as a special treat or as part of their weekly grocery shop.

Wines, beer, ciders and spirits – we work with winemakers and brewers who are passionate about their products to ensure that we sell one of the widest and most interesting ranges of drinks you will find in UK.

We want our customers to feel confident that every bottle on our shelves will taste delicious and be great with the food we sell.