Get Funghi dried wild mushrooms at mmm… and glug…

Come and meet Get Funghi at mmm… and glug… this Saturday (2 November).

Get Funghi’s Deb Hampson and Bengt Saxmark hand-pick the best quality Porcini, Winter Chanterelle and mixed forest mushrooms in West Sweden.

They sort, slice and dry them on the same day to preserve maximum flavour.

Drying not only enhances the flavour, but also increases the shelf-life.

There is no waste – rehydrate only what you need and keep in an airtight container for another occasion.

Get Funghi’s award-winning mushrooms are perfect for risottos, soups and stews and Deb and Bengt will be sharing some great recipe ideas at mmm… and glug…

The free Get Funghi tasting is from 1pm to 4pm this Saturday (2 November) at mmm…glug…, 129 Grainger Street, Newcastle, NE1 5AE.

What to drink with Get Funghi dried mushroom dishes?

We suggest Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale.

This very popular Sam Smith’s bottle is a dry and richly flavoured ale, which nicely complements the earthiness of Get Funghi’s mushrooms.

Watch out for a non-alcoholic version of the brown ale coming very soon to mmm… and glug… too!

Enjoy great tasting food everyday with mmm… and glug…

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Day of the Dead (aka Dia de los Muertos) at mmm… and glug…

Dia de los Muertos is a colourful and joyous family celebration unique to Mexico and takes place on 1st to 2nd November.

Mexican ingredients at mmm and glugIt is believed that the souls of the dead awaken and return to the living world to feast, drink, dance and play music with their loved ones who in turn treat them as honoured guests at the festivities.

Food traditionally plays a big part in the celebrations and if you are planning to recreate your own Mexican feast then we have all the genuine ingredients you need.

From fresh corn tortillas, dried chillies (including Ancho, Chipotle, Guajillo), mole paste, and tinned tomatillos, to corn husks, Masa Harina flour, refried beans, chipotle en adobo, Mexican drinking chocolate and much more.

And, if you would like some Mexican inspiration, here are a couple of recipes to whet your appetite.

Good wines to drink with Mexican food …

The spicier the food, the colder and sweeter the wine should be.

Smoother tannins, higher acidity and lower alcohol also balance well, and full flavoured reds work well with smoky chipotle based dishes.

We have chosen two wines for you to try and we are sampling these in the shop this month.

Planeta Rosé IGT Sicilia – this is a light, dry Rosé with good acidity which balances well with the spice.

Great with tacos, tostados and tamales, fish, veg and chicken dishes.

Finca Flinchman Tanguero, Mendoza Malbec – for grilled meat dishes like Carnitas and al Pastor, or dishes made with smoky earthy chilli flavours from chipotle.

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Newcastle deli goes mmm…exican with Thomasina Miers

Thomasina Miers at mmm...

A top UK chef and restaurateur met a horde of her Mexican food disciples at a Newcastle deli today (Thursday, 12 July) after striking up a twitter debate about finding good food.

Grainger market-based ‘mmm…’ played host to Thomasina ‘Tommi’ Miers after being named as one of the top suppliers of Mexican produce in the UK.

Thomasina Miers signed copies of her new book ‘ Wahaca – Mexican Food at Home’ at the deli, which has a growing reputation for sourcing unusual spices, herbs, chillies and other Mexican staples.

The four-year old deli has been listed in the new book, which the former Masterchef winner is hoping will convert even more fans to the world of Mexican cooking.

Thomasina Miers at mmm 2 webOwner of mmm…, Simone Clarkin, 49, was delighted to hear that her deli had been listed in the book and even more excited to hear from Thomasina herself.

She said: “Thomasina Miers is the most mentioned chef we have in our deli and her first book, ‘Mexican food made easy’ is the cooking bible for many of our customers.

“Our conversations started last year via twitter when Thomasina bemoaned the lack of Mexican food in the UK.

“Many of our customers told her about our efforts to supply Mexican and South American food lovers in the region with those hard to get ingredients.

“We are delighted that the north east food scene will feature in the book and the news that Tommi was coming to mmm… saw several of our customers taking a day’s holiday especially to meet her.”

In her book, Thomasina Miers says: “When we first started Wahaca it was extremely difficult to find the necessary ingredients. Chipotles, tomatillos, Mexican oregano, even corn tortillas were unheard of.

“These days the Mexican food bug has spread and people are really up on Mexican ingredients.

“I have come across many of the suppliers, including mmm…, only recently – but they are doing a great job.”

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