Shemin’s curry pastes at mmm…

Shemin’s Indian and Thai Curry Pastes at mmm… are a deliciously authentic, multi-award winning curry paste range, based on traditional family recipes.

Whilst growing up in Uganda, some of Shemin’s most treasured memories were of her mother preparing food in the courtyard of the kitchen.

She was surrounded by foods flavoured with fresh fragrant herbs and spices, and a love for great cooking.

Inspired by these memories, Shemin created a range of fresh curry pastes based on her traditional family recipes.

You can use these versatile pastes to make a huge range of delicious Indian and Thai food including all your favourite curries.

As TV Chef James Martin said about Shemin’s pastes himself: “A curry to beat any takeaway in 15 minutes. Now that’s magic.”

What we sell at mmm…

Shemin’s Thai Green Curry Paste (100g)

Shemin's Thai Green curry pasteThis Thai Green Paste is made from a combination of delicious Thai flavours including:

  • Fresh lemongrass
  • Coriander
  • Galangal
  • Green chillies
  • Kaffir lime leaves.

Perfect with pork, seafood or chicken.

Shemin's mild Indian curry pasteShemin’s Mild Indian Curry Paste (100g)

Perfect for those of you who like their curries with just a touch of heat.

Grab a copy of Shemin’s free recipe book for some great ideas, including Korma and Lentil Curries.

Shemin’s Medium Indian Curry Paste (100g)

Shemin's medium Indian curry pasteAll of Shemin’s fresh ingredients mixed in with just the right amount of chilli.

This paste will give you a perfect medium heat for those who like a bit of spicy heat, but not too much!

Great with Shemin’s Rogan Josh and Vegetable Curry recipes.

Shemin’s Hot Indian Curry Paste (100g)

Shemin's hot Indian curry pasteIt’s got quite a kick to it!

But you still get all those lovely fresh flavours coming through.

Grab Shemin’s free recipe book for some great ideas, including Chicken Jafrezi and Tarka Dahl.

Shemin’s Seafood Spice Paste (100g)

Shemin's Seafood spice pasteShemin’s Seafood Spice Paste is the perfect marinade to spice up your seafood dishes.

It is also an amazing curry paste for lentil and vegetable curries.

Grab Shemin’s free recipe book for some great ideas, including Prawn Pakoras, Spicy Salmon Fishcakes, Grilled Masala Fish and many more!

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Thanks to Shemin’s for the information and images on this page.


Olives Et Al at mmm…

Olives Et Al at mmm...Our customers at mmm… love the marinated, stuffed and pitted olives and more from Dorset-based Olives Et Al.

As well as award-winning olives, they also produce olive oil, snacks, nuts, dressings, sauces and antipasti food.

It is over 22 years since Giles and Annie’s year-long honeymoon trip around The Med, Middle East and North Africa, really did turn out to be the ‘holiday of a lifetime’ as it created the backbone of who Olives Et Al are today.

They were away for a little under a year during which time they travelled across the top of North Europe, through Turkey, into Syria and down to Jordan, into the West Bank and Israel then back to Jordan and onto Sinai and Libya.

During the trip they collected recipes from everywhere and in October 1993 sold their first jars of olives at the Rural Living Show in Bath.

Ever since then the Olives Et Al team have been faithfully re-creating those recipes, and finding many more, using traditional methods and top notch ingredients from the best suppliers they can find.

What we sell at mmm.. and glug…

2_rosemary_and_garlic_copySunshine rosemary and garlic olives (250g) 

Fancy a bit of sunshine?

These mixed green Amphissa and dark Kalamata olives naturally infused with sun dried tomatoes, garlic and rosemary will have you reaching for your sunnies and the Chablis from glug…

The rosemary and garlic infused oil is lovely to use in all manner of dishes, but it’s particularly perfect with lamb.

2_chilli_and_garlicClassic chilli and garlic olives (250g)

Nicely warm and spicy and one of Olives et al’s all-time best sellers.

Mixed Amphissa and Kalamata olives marinated in chilli infused extra virgin olive oil with garlic and black pepper.

Enjoy these with a good beer and then marinade whatever you like in the oil.

We prefer steak, but hey, just go with whatever floats your boat say Olives Et Al.

2_basil_and_garlic_copyPistou basil and garlic olives (250g)

Olives Et Al discovered this recipe down in Provence – the Pistou refers to the Provencal version of Italian Basil Pesto – the French simply use basil, garlic and oil.

Wonderfully rich and fresh French recipe inspired by the blue skies of Provence, these basil and garlic Amphissa olives taste clean and fresh – an Oliveer favourite!

The basil infused extra virgin olive oil makes for a great salad, pasta or pizza dressing after the olives have been eaten.

2_cumin_and_corianderMoorish cumin and coriander olives (250g)

Marinated in extra virgin olive oil with cumin, coriander and cardamom.

These rich, fragrant and full bodied Kalamata olives, prepared to an old Moroccan recipe, are one of Olives Et Al original recipes and an all-time best seller.

Truly deep, rich and aromatic with a dark chocolate note these make the perfect partner for a nice glass of red.

Use the oil for roasting veg scattered with Dukkah  from mmm…

2_lemon_and_corianderVerde lemon and coriander olives (250g)

Fragrant citrus infused Amphissa olives prepared to an old Spanish recipe of lemon, coriander and garlic.

Crisp and fresh it’s perfect with a glass of white wine.

Or enjoy for breakfast if you’re feeling particularly Spanish.

Do remember to use the naturally flavoured extra virgin olive oil after you’ve finished the olives.

800x800_1Smoky chipotle olives (250g)

Like your chilli hit to be a warm and smoky hug rather than a prod with a red hot poker?

These smoky chipotle chilli olives feature whole Amphissa olives, marinated in extra virgin olive oil naturally infused with chipotle chillis.

Did you know that it takes 10 kilos of jalapeños to make 1 kilo of chipotles?

8x8_smoked_kalSmoked Kalamata olives (250g)

Naturally ripened Kalamata olives gently and traditionally smoked over oak and marinated in extra virgin olive oil.

Olives Et Al smoke the olives over oak chippings for around 16 hours before steeping them in extra virgin olive oil.

Use a spoonful of the smoked extra virgin olive oil from the jar to make scrambled eggs – truly superb.

2_tapenade_provencalFrench-inspired Tapenade Provencal with anchovies (160g)

Just so as you know Tapenade originated in Marseille in the 19th Century and the ingredient that gives it its name are capers.

Without capers a tapenade just isn’t. Olives Et Al’s really is unlike any other: coarse, full bodied and powerful mix of olives, capers, garlic, anchovies, oil and spices is still the best we’ve ever made or eaten.

Cracking with with chicken, lamb, roasted vegetables or dips.

2_morrocan_inspired_tapanade_marocaineMoroccan inspired Tapenade Marocaine with preserved lemons (160g)

Fresh and zestful twist on classic tapenade this boasts a lemony kick adding a citrus note to dishes.

Amazing invention of Olives Et Al (if they do say so themselves) and a firm favourite with the Sunday Times.

They have taken out the anchovies from their Tapenade Provencal and replaced them with Moroccan Preserved Lemons for a really fresh and zesty sauce.

2_levant_inspired_corriander_redchili_pestoLevant-inspired coriander and red chilli pesto (135g)

Based on a Yemeni recipe for their fiery chilli sauce called Zhoug this is Olives et al’s version – still fiery and with a huge depth of flavour.

We’ve discovered that spread thinly over salmon fillets before baking works really rather well.

Also great through couscous or bulgar wheat. try it and let us know.

2_red_pepper_almond_pestoCatalan-inspired red pepper and almond pesto (135g)

Based on an original Catalan recipe for Romesco sauce Olives Et Al discovered in Tamariu this pesto is ideal with all sorts of pasta, grilled fish or chicken.

Spread it over white fish before grilling and then simply plonk over a salad dressed with the pesto mixed with a little olive oil for a simple supper or elegant starter.

Proper Genovese basil and pine nut pesto (135g)

2_proper_genovese_basil_pinenut_pestoIt took Olives Et Al 18 years to perfect this. Which is why has the number 18 on the label (as well as a well-deserved Great Taste award).

Made with 45% fresh basil sourced from the Ligurian region in Northern Italy, along with whole pine nuts, traditional parmesan cheese that has been aged for 30 months, extra virgin olive and sunflower oils.

Perfect stirred through pasta.

Or use as a dip with crusty bread or on the base of tarts and quiches.

2_north_african_style_red_chilli_harrissa_sauceNorth African-inspired red chilli harissa sauce (180g)

Olives Et Al first found Harissa when journeying through Egypt.

It was served over Kushari – a sort of rice, lentil and pasta dish and they fell in love with it.

Their own harissa is wonderfully fiery and aromatic adding intense flavour to all sorts of dishes like tagines, couscous, dips, sauces or even fish.

Or try it stirred into mayonnaise for a warm dip.

2_eygptian_inspired_spiced_dukkahEgyptian-style spiced Dukkah aromatic rub (90g)

Olives Et Al  discovered Dukkah in Egypt where it’s served as a side dish to dip oil basted bread into as a hors d’oeuvre.

Made with roasted almonds, hazelnuts, cumin, coriander, sesame and spices all freshly roasted and ground by Olives et al.

They use it almost daily; scattered into a salad, over roasting veg or spuds, mixed with oil as a meat rub.

Stir into salads, rice or straight over roasted vegetables.

2_lemon_and_dillCitrus lemon and dill dressing (250ml)

Created this to go over simply prepared fish but it’s equally at home stirred into crushed potatoes.

With its fresh and citrus notes it’s just the thing for fish or the perfect Summer salad dressing.

Also pretty good for dunking bread in, too.

2_pink_grapefruitMojo pink grapefruit dressing and marinade (250ml)

Inspired by a Caribbean sauce from the Cayman Islands known locally simply as Mojo Sauce.

Olives Et Al Pink Mojo was developed by Daisy in their kitchen and it hasn’t looked back since.

Happily unusual, wonderfully versatile and loved by all.

Try Pink Mojo with fish parcels on the BBQ – brush a square of foil with oil, add a dod of fish, slosh of Mojo, seal the parcel and steam for 5-10 mins.

2_mustard_and_herbProper mustard and herb dressing and marinade (250ml)

A twist on a classic vinaigrette this is made from extra virgin olive oil and white wine vinegar infused with garlic and Herbes de Provence.

For a thicker, mayonnaise style try whisking it into beaten egg with a spoonful of Dijon.

If you’re really daring then try using the mix to make a mustard and herb omelette.

2_beetroot_and_thymePunchy beetroot and thyme dressing and marinade (250ml)

Earthy and rich dressing that lends real colour and flavour to salads of all styles. Very British.

The natural sweetness of beetroot is complemented by fresh thyme and hints of ginger for a real deep, rich and earthy dressing.

For a thoroughly British dish to stir the cockles of your heart and gird your loins, stir into soured cream and serve with smoked salmon.

Also stir into hummus for a refreshing dip.

2_shallot_and_orangeRich shallot and orange dressing and marinade (250ml)

Surprisingly springy and zestful dressing made from extra virgin olive oil, orange juice and wine vinegar infused with orange zest and shallot.

Use to marinate all types of meat, prawns or duck or dress a simple salad.

This dressing needs a real good shake to mix all the flavours.

Great with salads, pasta and couscous.

2_chilli_and_gingerSpicy chilli and ginger dressing and marinade (250ml)

Originally conceived and created to be the perfect accompaniment to Thai Crab Cakes this is a devilishly good chilli and ginger sauce.

Great for dipping, dressing or dowsing fishcakes, crab cakes, stirring into mashed spud, or spicing up any pasta dish.

Also wonderful sloshed over new potatoes.

2_beetroot_and_thymeTart raspberry and mint dressing and marinade (250ml)

Very summery dressing that just makes the best partner for duck.
Slash a duck breast, pour over the Raspberry and Mint and marinate for 30 mins; cook the breast in a very hot pan, slice thickly and plop over a dressed salad – simple.

Lovely on a summers day to banish the grey of winter.

Great on a grey day to remind you of summer.

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Thanks to Olives et al for the information and images on this page.

The Chilli Jam Man at mmm…

The Chilli Jam Man’s chilli jams have developed a real following amongst our customers at mmm… since we first put them on our spicy shelves.

The Chilli Jam Man spent years developing chilli jam recipes to tantalise and sate the taste buds as he just couldn’t find exactly what he wanted.

His chilli jams are all about making the best flavour coupled with just the right level of heat for your taste buds.

All of his chilli jams are lovingly hand crafted in Yorkshire after years of experimenting to get the taste and texture ‘just right’.

What we sell at mmm..

Bhut Jolokia chilli jam (heat rating 9.1 out of 10) – blisteringly hot. Made from the hottest commercially available chilli in the world, the Bhut Jolokia.

In 2010 this jam won the Fiery Foods National Chilli Award for ‘The Best Chilli Jam/Sweet Chilli Sauce’.

In 2011 he went one better and it won ‘The Best Extract Free Naga Sauce’.

Garlic chilli jam (heat rating 6 out of 10) – for the garlic lovers out there, this jam has lashings of lovely garlic.

This jam mixed with mayo was the inspiration for ‘Jamonnaise’, awesome with melted cheese, mixed into burgers or just on the side of a plate with some chips.

Ginger chilli jam (heat rating 7 out of 10) – 0ne for the vampires! No garlic, just gorgeous ginger.

This is lovely with fish or chicken with some spring onion, just think of chinese chilli ginger and spring onion dishes and you’re there!

The Chilli Jam Man loves it on melon for a sweet cool to hot sharp contrast.

Hot Chocolate Orange chilli jam (heat rating 7 out of 10) –  a twist from the norm.

Made with chocolate, orange, cinnamon and chilli jam.

Gorgeous with meats, delicious with croissants, magnificent with banana and ice cream or tickle your own fancy …

Hot Smoky Bhut chilli jam (heat rating 9.1 out of 10) – this was so popular when the Chilli Jam Man did an experimental batch that it had to become a main flavour.

Take the lovely deep flavours of Smoky and add the rumbling potent heat of Bhut Jolokia and you end up with something divine!

Original chilli jam (heat rating 6.5 out of 10) – the original jam that started it all.

Chilli, garlic and ginger, a mainstay of most South-East Asian cuisine.

A must for every kitchen. just the right heat level if you just like a bit of chilli to use as everything from a sauce or pickle through to a marinade and base for your curries and stir fries.

Smoky chilli jam (heat rating 6.5 out of 10) – barbeque in a jar, made with chipotle (smoked jalapenos) and lovely hand smoked garlic, which is all smoked and peeled at Chilli Jam HQ.

This jam has hardly any heat and is completely addictive on cheese, pate and cold meats!

imageThree Peaks chilli jam (heat rating 9.9 out of 10) – inspired by Yorkshire’s Three Peaks, experience a sharp climb of Birds Eyes, a steady climb of Habaneros and finally capped off with a long steady rise of Bhut Jolokia chillies.

Vegetarian Bhut Jolokia Chilli Jam (heat rating 9.1 out of 10) – just like the national Award-winning Bhut Jolokia Chilli Jam, but without the Thai Fish Sauce.

Fantastic for getting plenty of flavour and heat into meals quickly and easily.

Vegetarian Original Chilli Jam (heat rating 6.1 out of 10) – a lovely veggie version of the Original Chilli Jam, all the same goodness, just minus the Thai Fish Sauce

Yorkshire Dragon chilli jam (heat rating 9.9 out of 10) – by far the fiercest jam in the standard black lid range and the Jam the Chilli Jam Man makes ‘The Podfather’ from.

Scores of Bird’s Eye Chillies and lashings of Bhut Jolokia give Yorkshire Dragon its two waves of burn.

Seriously, one for the enthusiast.

Yorkshire Wolds chilli jam (heat rating 4 out out of 10) – inspired by the gentle rolling hills around Chilli Jam Central the Yorkshire Wolds Chilli Jam has lovely rolling flavours ideal for a ploughman’s lunch, a pork pie or some cheese and biscuits.

Originally made as a wedding favour for the Chilli Jam Man’s own wedding it was so popular that he had to bring it out as flavour. The Podfather chilli jam

The Podfather chilli jam (heat rating 10 out of 10) – the first ‘Ultra Jam’ in the Signature Series. This is a very serious jar!

The Chilli Jam Man wanted to make Yorkshire Dragon hotter in a purely natural way, here’s what he made.

Go back to a full sized jar, put in a layer of Bhut Jolokia flake, select three very ripe dried Bhut Jolokia pods, pour over boiling Dragon Chilli Jam, cap with another layer of Bhut Jolokia flake.

This Jam will infuse and grow stronger in time and at some point, there are three whole Bhut Jolokia pods in there, re-hydrated in his hottest Chilli Jam!

Ginja Ninja chilli jam (heat rating 10 out of 10) – the Second Ultra Jam in the Signature Series and the absolute hottest all natural product the Chilli Jam Man has managed to make.

Firstly he made a ginger version of Yorkshire Dragon which in it’s self makes it hotter and sharper.

Then he mixed in Sichuan Pepper Corns before pouring over a bed of Bhut Jolokia flakes and pods in the same way as The Podfather.

About 25 seconds in the Sichuan will give you a numb tingly sensation on your tongue which will then amplify the massive heat of the Jam…

Be very carefull, it’s got more than a bit of a kick! In fact, up here at Chilli Jam HQ, the Chilli Jam Man calls this one ‘Chuck Norris in a jar!’

MoJo chilli jam (heat rating 10 out of 10) – the third Ultra Jam in the Signature Series.

This is a deeply smoky version of The Podfather and the Chilli Jam Man’s favourite of the three Ultra Jams.

Firstly he made a smoky version of dragon and then pour this over smoked flakes and smoked pods of Bhut Jolokia and leave to infuse.

Burgers really will never be the same again!

Bhut Jolokia Chilli Flakes/smoked chilli flakes/chilli pods – fiery hot chillies from the Bhut Jolokia fields of Assam.

The hottest comercially available chilli at over one million SHU and the former ‘world’s hottest chilli’.

This is the furnace that feeds the fire of the Chilli Jam Man’s hottest Chilli Jams.

Lime Tickle (heat rating 5 out of 10) – hot and sour heaven.

If you like lime pickle then you’ll love Lime Tickle.

A chunky lime pickle infused with my award winning Bhut Jolokia Chilli Jam to give a gorgeous tickle!

Mango Bhutney (heat rating 5 out of 10) – a cool sweet Mango Chutney infused with or Bhut Jolokia Chilli Jam.

Amazing as a dip, fantastic with curries, to die for with grilled meats and one of the best hot sticky glazes ever!

Squealers pork scratchings (heat rating 7 out of 10) – gorgeous hot and spicy Pork Scratchings unlike any you’ve had before.

The King of nibbles, you’ll never want crisps again! Possibly the most addictive substance ever!

A huge 90g bag coated in a whole range of spices bringing a lovely deep heat from several angles, not too hot to make you cry, but will definitely leave you wanting more!

Want to know more?

Thanks to The Chilli Jam Man for the information and images on this page.

Please note: as we deal with small suppliers, many of which make our orders from scratch or depend on seasonal ingredients, it is always best to check with us in advance if there is a specific product you want.

Funky Nut Company at mmm…

We decided to stock Funky Nut Company’s peanut butters after one spoonful – but just to make sure we finished off the pot the same day!

Based in Birkenhead, Wirral, Funky Nut Company make peanut and nut butters using only the very best ingredients sourced from the very best suppliers.

What we sell at mmm…

This is 100% nuts. No salt or sugars added.

Sea Salt
Sea Salt peanut butter is great right out of the jar or on your toast.

Or try adding it to soups and sauces instead of flour to thicken them while giving a great taste.

Sea Salt and black pepper
It is great right out of the jar or on your toast but try adding it to soups and sauces instead of flour to thicken them while giving a great taste.

Spicy Salt and Pepper
Spicy Salt and Pepper peanut butter is great right out of the jar or on your toast but try adding it to soups, noodles, curries and more for a great taste.

One of Funky Nut Company’s favourite ways to use this butter is to add it to coconut milk with a little lime for a ready made Satay sauce.

Honey and Sea Salt
Ideal for those with a bit of a sweet tooth.

Great as a spread or right off the spoon!

And last, but by no means least …

Milk Chocolate
Great spread on toast or try adding it to cakes, porridge oats, smoothies and more for a great sweet taste.

Want to know more?

Thanks to Funky Nut Company for the information on this page.

Anandas Gourmet spice kits at mmm…

Looking to try the taste of India but don’t know where to start, or just don’t have the time, well try Ananda’s Gourmet spice kits from mmm…

Ananda hails from Hyderabad in Southern India, traditionally a land of Nawabs and kings. 

Anandas spice kits - shopping listHer cooking is very much influenced by Moghul cooking, which has its own distinctive traditions and flavours. 

She gives her utmost attention to picking the right kind of spices, which add a distinct aroma and taste. 

Her spice kits provide all of the spices you need, in each to use packs, to create a gourmet meal of your own.

Each pack includes a shopping list (handily sized to fit in your wallet or purse) so you know exactly what you need to purchase to create a delicious meal, all of the spices and a step-by-step recipe to create a spicy feast at home.

What we sell at mmm… 

Anandas Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani curry kit at mmmHyderabadi chicken Biryani – this dish hails from the royal kitchens of Nawabs and is renowned for its mouth-watering aroma.

This luxurious recipe combines rice and chicken in a single dish, and although more complicated than a simple curry, has been simplified to bring an extravagant indian feast to your table.

The chicken is marinated in a wide selection of spices and herbs in yoghurt mixture and layered with partially cooked rice; saffron infused milk and caramelised onions resulting in a melt-in-the-mouth dish.

Aloo gobi masala – a fragrant dish that is a staple curry of the Indian family dinner table.

Aloo (potatoes) and Gobi (cauliflower) are combined with spices to make a quick side dish to any indian bread or rice. 

Anandas Goan Prawn Curry kit at mmmGoan prawn curry – the coastal town of Goa combines Indian and Portuguese culinary influences and flavours, along with the abundance if fresh seafood.

Anandas’ Goan Prawn Curry is made with ground coconut and chillies and blended with aromatic spices of coriander, pepper and garlic.

Fresh, pre-cooked and peeled king prawns are the most convenient and work best with this recipe.

The pungent sauce is an ideal partner to steamed rice or any indian bread.

Meryala Kodi Vepudu – this spicy dry dish originates from the Southern India province of Chettinad.

The region was on a historic spice trade route and is famous for combining flavours of star anise, tamarind, chilli and cloves.

Meryala (pepper cloves) chicken fry is a dry dish, and brings the impact of cloves balanced with the aromas of green and yellow peppers.

It goes well with cucumber raita (yoghurt and cucumbers), steamed rice, naans or rotis.

Anandas Matar Paneer Masala Curry kit at mmmMatar paneer masala – paneer is an Indian cheese with a firm texture and mild flavour.

This aromatic, creamy and mild vegetarian curry combines paneer with the sweetness of fresh green peas.

Serve with naan bread for a simple lunchtime meal or as a side dish with pilau rice.

Murgh Makhani (butter chicken) – Murgh Makhani is originally a Punjabi dish. It is rich, creamy and full of flavour making it an all time favourite curry to prepare and eat.

The dish is made in two stages. Firstly, the chicken is marinated in a spicy yoghurt marinade and grilled, and then added to a delicious creamy tomato curry sauce.

It is best enjoyed with the classic accompaniment of rice and naan bread.

Kheema aloo – this is a popular spicy minced lamb or beef dish from the North-West Frontier.

Lean minced lamb or beef and potatoes are combined with the aromatic spice of cinnamon, cloves and cardamom.

Whether as a lazy Sunday brunch dish served with bread rolls, or as an accompaniment to an evening meal served with puris, rice or naan, Kheema Aloo is comforting and punchy.

Anandas Hyderabadi Lamb Korma curry kit at mmmHyderabadi lamb korma – Hyderabad is a South Indian city, which was once the hub of the Mughal Empire.

The region remains famous for its sumptuous food, evocative or royal banquets.

In this dish, marinated lamb is enriched with a paste of coconut and poppy seeds, and slow cooked till tender.

It is mildly spiced, and can be served with rice or naan bread.

Chana masala (chickpea curry) – Chana Masala is a typical Northern Indian dish.

Traditionally, chickpeas, spices and tomatoes are simmered together for hours to produce a delightful sauce.

Anandas’ recipe is easy and just as delicious – a rich masala vegetarian dish is ready in minutes.

Chana Masala makes a great side dish served with any Indian bread, or pilau rice.

Tadka Dal (lentils) – the perfect accompaniment to any Indian curry, mixed with rice or enjoyed on its own.

This recipe is delicately flavoured with caramelised onion and sweetened with tomato to make a simple wholesome and easy to prepare dish.

Tadka refers to the final tempering of the lentils with hot spices, which are gently fried to release their fragrance and flavours.

Kodu Kura (chicken curry) – Kodu Kura quite simply translates as chicken curry, but is a sophisticated dish prepared with cinnamon, cardamom and cloves.

The light curry is cooked at the final stage in a creamy yoghurt mixture combined with cashew nut, coconut and poppy seed paste to give it a korma consistency, and finished with a splash of lemon or lime. 

Want to know more?

Thanks to Anandas Gourmet for the images and information on this page.

Mushemi Fire at mmm…

Mushemi Fire logoWe are delighted to be stocking ‘Mushemi Fire’ Zambian inspired hot sauces and chilli products at mmm…

We tasted them at a mini chillifest at Spitalfields City Farm, Brick Lane, London last year and we were hooked!

Mushemi Fire sauces are handmade in small batches in Staffordshire, and designed to bring a distinctive taste of African fire and flavour to your food.

What we sell at mmm… 

KambuziKambuzi hot sauce – made with African piri piri (kambuzi, “little goat”) chillies, sun dried tomatoes and Zambian honey.

Rich and spicy piri piri sauce for grilled chicken, prawns and vegetables either as a marinade or directly on foods.

Great on a burger! 

Heat rating – 4/6.

Roast tomato chilli sauce sweet chilli sauce – rich and flavourful sweet chilli sauce made from roast tomatoes, red peppers and chillies.

Sweet chilli style sauce for chicken, fish and pork dishes, stir fires and sandwiches. 

Heat rating – 2/6. 

Mother's RuinMother’s Ruin hot sauce – fermented gin hot sauce with African scotch bonnet chillies and lemon.

Use like Tabasco. Splash on tomato dishes, eggs, chicken and fish.

Great in a Bloody Mary!

Heat rating – 4/6.

Sweet pepper and tamarind sauce sweet chilli sauce – sweet chilli style sauce with fiery African scotch bonnet chillies and tangy tamarind.

Tangy sweet chilli sauce for dips and stir fries. Use as a marinade for chicken and prawns, or as a glaze for salmon.

Heat rating – 2/6.

ChipatsoChipatso hot sauce – fruity papaya and guava hot sauce spiced up with African scotch bonnet chillies.

Fruity hot sauce for chicken, pork and fish dishes.

Add directly to foods or use as a marinade.

Heat rating – 3/6.

Smoked chilli oil – cold pressed extra virgin rapeseed oil infused with flakes of home smoked African piri piri chillies and paprika.

For stir fries, salad dressings and marinades.

Drizzle over pizzas or bruschetta.

Heat rating – 4/6.

ZwaoZwao! hot sauce – extremely hot piri piri sauce made with African scotch bonnet and piri piri chillies.

Use as a marinade or add directly to grilled meats, chicken and vegetables.

Use with caution!

Heat rating – 6/6.

Want to know more?

Thanks to Mushemi Fire for the images and information on this page.

Kankun Mexican sauces and marinades at mmm…

Ever-popular at mmm… our Kankun Mexican sauces and marinades use a secret recipe guarded fervently by generations of grandmas, aunties, and mamas from the Cardenas family.

Kankun sauces are not only Mexican by name, this is the closest you will get to a home-made, traditional chilli sauce found only at the most authentic of Mexican family gatherings and Rolando Cardenas.

Rolando Cardenas, the magical power behind the sauce, learned the art of the perfect chilli mix by sneaking into the kitchen at family dinners and watching, tasting and smelling the age-old recipes that sit at the heart of his family’s tradition.

What we sell at mmm…

Chipotle-Hot-1024pxKankun Mexican chipotle sauce – hot
Spice up without extreme heat.

A unique blend of earthy and smoky spiciness and the perfect heat level.

Kankun Mexican chipotle sauce – mild
Smoky and very gentle.

Perfect for those that like to add flavour with a mild touch of heat.

Kankun Mexican marinade sauce
Mexican home recipe marinade in a bottle.

Marinade while adding a Mexican flavour in one fast step. Smoky medium heat level.

jalape-_o-sml-greenKankun habanero sauce
85% habanero chilli pure for extreme chilli lovers.

Delivers a Mexican extreme heat with a long-lasting tangy taste. Moreish flavour.

NEW: Kankun jalapeño hot sauce
Spice up without extreme heat.

Traditional Mexican green sauce that delivers the perfect heat level. 50% jalapeño puree.

Recipes using Kankun sauces.

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Please note: as we deal with small suppliers, many of which make our orders from scratch or depend on seasonal ingredients, it is always best to check with us in advance if there is a specific product you want.

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Newcastle food store aims to be Britain’s best

mmm glug logosA Newcastle food and drink store wants local shoppers who are shunning the supermarkets to help it carry off a top UK food award for independent retailers.

Grainger Market-based mmm… and glug… is in the running for the 2015 Farm Shop & Deli Awards and hopes that the award can come to the north east for the first time.

The store, a major supporter of small food producers both in and out of the region, has been on a mission to get more people cooking and eating since it opened six years ago.

The Farm Shop & Deli Awards recognise the very best standards in the UK’s independent, speciality retail market.

And, despite being up against delis and shops in the UK that have been established far longer, owner Simone Clarkin, 51, is determined to show that the region can compete with the whole of the country.

She said: “When we first opened mmm… and then glug… we wanted to get more local people talking about and more importantly, eating great food and drink – and not just relying on the choices supermarkets offer.

“By working with award-winning local producers such as Zen Bakers, Davenports Chocolates, Wylam Brewery, Mr Vikkis, Gilchesters and Anarchy Brewery we have helped raise the profile of the fantastic food and drink being produced in the region.

“But we also look beyond the region by aiming to supply top cooking ingredients that many of our customers and chefs say they can’t get anywhere but London or even abroad.

“We are hoping north east twitterers, food lovers, cooks and chefs can vote and see the accolade coming to the region on behalf of our great suppliers and the food-loving north east as a whole.”

Food lovers can vote for mmm… online at

The Awards developed from Founding Partner Olives Et Al’s Deli of the Year, saw nearly 300 entries in 2014, doubling the amount from previous year.

The overall winner will be announced at Farm Shop & Deli Show on 20 April 2015 at Birmingham’s NEC.

mmm… and the recently opened glug… which stocks hundreds of craft beers, wine and ciders is based at 10-13 Grainger Arcade in the Grainger Market.

The store can be followed online at where over 16,000 followers regularly swap foodie hints, tips, recipes and recommendations.

For more information call Simone Clarkin on 0191 222 1818 or email

Asharun Spices at mmm…

MEET ASHARUN SPICES AT MMM… – come and see (and taste) the spicy delights of Asharun Spices at mmm… from 12.30pm on Saturday, 16 August.

Everyone at mmm… agrees with Asharun Spices that with quality ingredients and a simple set of instructions you really can cook amazing spiced meals all at home.

They have a fabulous selection of hand-blended spice kits, all with a shopping list and simple to follow recipes.

These carefully written cooking instructions give options for the Hob, Oven, Aga or Slow Cooker. Perfect for fast or slow cooking.

Asharun Spices select the finest spices, temper them, carefully stone grind making sure that the oil in the spices is released and then hand blend.

However none of this happens until we make our latest order.

Asharun Spice Kits add dried chilli flakes (not chilli powder) just enough to give flavours.

The option is your to add a fresh chilli to your taste. That makes the Madras mild too… but with the full flavour of black cardamom and curry leaves.

What we sell at mmm…

Indian spice mixes – mains

  • Chick Pea Curry  – Masala mix
  • Spiced Aubergine  – Masala mix
  • Madras  – Masala and onion mix
  • Korma  – Masala and coconut mix
  • Pasanda – Masala and almond mix
  • Tikka Masala – Masala and onion mix
  • Rogan Josh – Masala and onion mix
  • Jalfrezi – Masala and onion mix
  • Balti – Masala and onion mix.

Indian spice mixes – sides

  • Bombay potato
  • Saag aloo spice mix
  • Aloo gobi spice mix
  • Tarka dhal
  • Pilau rice
  • Onion bhaji kit
  • Naan bread kit.

Tex-Mex spice kits

  • Fajita herb and spice mix
  • Tex-Mex chilli beef herb and spice mix (uses beef skirt – our top tip is Oliver and Eden in the Grainger Market).


  • Lamb tagine spice mix
  • Chicken tagine spice mix
  • Mqualli (fish) tagine spice mix
  • Ras el Hanout – a unique blend of fourteen spices created for home-made gourmet Moroccan cuisine.  The literal translation from Arabic is “head of the shop” implying that it is the best (or top) of the shop.

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Please note: as we deal with small suppliers, many of which make our orders from scratch or depend on seasonal ingredients, it is always best to check with us in advance if there is a specific product you want.

Thanks to Asharun Spices for the information on this page.

The Zen Baker at mmm…

Every Saturday morning we sell hand-made artisan bread from Northumberland-based The Zen Baker.

Zen Bakers

Zen Baker is a family business who make all of their products by hand using traditional skills and methods before they are baked to perfection.

They pride themselves on the care and attention they take over their hand products.

Adam and Vicky are as passionate about the North East as they are about producing and experiencing the very best food, so they use the highest quality ingredients available from our beautiful area.

They wholeheartedly believe that this reflects in the flavour and quality of their baking, and we think that you will too.

What we sell at mmm…

The range changes regularly but our core Zen Baker breads include:

  • The legendary black pudding and caramelised onion ‘piggy’ loaves
  • Honey and oat
  • Seeded Viking
  • Tiger loaves
  • Treacle loaves
  • Focaccia – sun-dried tomato; black olive; and rosemary/sea salt
  • Malted rye
  • Red rye and onion
  • Date and walnut loaves
  • Giant garlic and cheese loaves
  • Anadama (New England) loaves
  • Wholemeal tin loaves
  • And more …

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