Treboom Brewery tasting at mmm… and glug…

Treboom Brewery at mmm and glug

mmm… and glug… is hosting a free tasting on Saturday, 5 May with Treboom Brewery, so customers can taste the brewery’s award-winning beers.

Treboom was established in Shipton-by-Beningbrough near York early in 2012 by John Lewis and Jane Blackman.

John worked as a research scientist but hung up his lab coat to pursue his dream of producing great beers, while Jane, a practising ceramicist brings a creative side to beer making.

John and Jane wanted a name that showed they were going to make a big splash – a grand entrance – and what better way than by a drum roll? TrrrBOOM!

They, like everyone at mmm… and glug… want to bang the drum for great beer.

What we sell at mmm… and glug…

Yorkshire Sparkle – 4% ABV 

John and Jane have their son to thank for the name Yorkshire Sparkle.

It perfectly describes this Really Pale Ale, clear and bright with refreshing grapefruit flavours and hints of tropical fruits.

It surely is a moreish pint.

Kettle Drum – 4.3% ABV 

That huge drum at the back of the orchestra, the kettle drum, is the inspiration for our best bitter.

With great presence and robust flavours, it really bangs the drum for beer.

Copper coloured with a distinct fruity flavour from Cascade hops.

Baron Saturday – 5.2% ABV (Bottle conditioned) 

Dark and mysterious, Baron Saturday captured Treboom’s imagination.

This voodoo spirit likes his followers to leave small gifts of cigars or peanuts.

John and Jane think this strong dark porter would be his perfect pint. Brewed with five different malts it has hints of coffee, chocolate and liquorice.

Myricale – 5% ABV

Bringing an old recipe bang up to date this brew uses Bog Myrtle (Myrica gale), an ingredient used in beer in medieval times before hops became popular.

Treboom made it into a delicious wheat beer allowing the gingery herb-like qualities of this remarkable plant to sing through.

They also brew this beer to support the work of the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and 5p per bottle is donated to them.

Hop Britannia – 5% ABV

A fanfare for the power and might of British hops.

This strong pale ale is brewed entirely with hops grown in the British Isles.

Bramling Cross, Pioneer and Northdown varieties are combined to give a full-bodied, tasty, hoppy beer.

NEW: Trommel lager – 4.2% ABV 

Treboom’s cask-conditioned version of a lager.

By using lager malt, German Hallertau and Tettnang hops and brewing at a lower temperature than their traditional ales Treboom has made a fresh crisp satisfying lager.

We will have newly-canned Trommel lager at mmm… and glug… on Saturday, 5 May.

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More tasting events at mmm… and glug… (all from 1pm unless otherwise stated)

  • Saturday, 5 May – Opal Sunshine: Taste Opal’s zingy, fresh Belizean-inspired pepper sauces
  • Friday, 11 May – 40 Kola: Taste the new north east made ‘proper’ Kola (11.30am to 3pm)
  • Friday, 11 May – Masons Gin: Taste Yorkshire-distilled tea and lavender gins (4pm to 7pm)
  • Saturday, 12 May – Parlour Made: Taste award-winning local cheeses, including Durham Camembert
  • Saturday, 12 May – Durham Gin: Taste locally-made Durham gin, vodka and liqueurs
  • Saturday, 19 May – Consett Ale Works: Taste Consett’s classic ales, as well as their newly launched beers
  • Friday, 25 May – Lisbon Wines: Taste our small producer Portuguese wines with Victor.

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Lakes Distillery gin tasting at mmm… and glug…

mmm… and glug… is hosting a free Lakes Distillery tasting this Saturday (21 April ) from 1pm to 4pm for customers to try their new rhubarb and rosehip gin liqueur.

The word ‘gin’ is derived from the Dutch for juniper, ‘genever’ and the juniper berry is the botanical at the heart of gin making.

Fortunately for the Lakes Distillery juniper grows wild in the fells of the Lake District.

They use this local juniper together with other 13 botanicals native to the Lakes, such as bilberry, heather and hawthorn, to produce a gin which is complex, intriguing and above all else, delicious.

Lakes have infused their classic gin with tangy Rhubarb and Rosehip, to introduce another world-class edition to its delicious artisan spirits portfolio.

Their Master Blender, Dhavall Gandhi described the exciting new spirit as, “A warming and sweet infusion that complements the fruity and fresh characteristics of our juniper-led classic gin.”

The liqueur will be available in 20cl and 70cl bottles at mmm… and glug… this Saturday.

Customers buying a 70cl of Lakes gin this Saturday will also receive a free Lakes ‘rocking’ gin glass (while stocks last). 

Image above – the blushing Lakes Rhubarb & Rosehip Pink Lady cocktail.

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Vixin Cidre Normandy cider tasting at mmm… and glug…

Vixin Cidre at mmm and glug

mmm… and glug… are hosting a free Vixin Cidre tasting this Saturday (24 March) from 1pm for customers to try their Normandy apple and pear ciders.

Vixin cidre is the product of years of labour, travel, research and testing undertaken to create the perfect cider: fresh, crisp, natural and a delight to drink.

Vixin’s mission for a great cider started after they moved from London to New York and found ourselves missing the ciders so commonly available in the UK.

So off they went, traveling all over the UK, France, Belgium and the US for five years , tasting all the different ciders available.

Finally, they discovered the perfect French blend in a small cafe in Paris. A real, 100% pressed apple juice made from special French cider apples, fermented using a unique yeast from 1789.

The secret recipe had been passed on by generations of monks to create a delightful, sparkling, refreshing blend with a strong apple base and a glorious smell that transports you to an apple orchard in Normandy.

What we sell at mmm… and glug…

Vixin apple cidre – The perfect balance of crisp and sweet, Vixin apple cider is made from a blend of French cider apples with just the right amount of acidity, tannin and sweetness.

Refreshing, easy to drink and 100% natural.

Vixin pear cidre – Delicious pear cider with a delicate flavor, fresh pear aroma and a sophisticated finish.

An excellent refreshment with light, champagne-like bubbles.

Perfect for Brunch, with crepes, light salads, pasta and seafood dishes.

We hope you will enjoy Vixin – the champagne of ciders , dedicated to making every day a little bit more special.

So go on, find a special friend, open a bottle and enjoy your glorious day for a moment. Cheers to that!

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