Funky Nut Company at mmm…

We decided to stock Funky Nut Company’s peanut butters after one spoonful – but just to make sure we finished off the pot the same day!

Based in Birkenhead, Wirral, Funky Nut Company make peanut and nut butters using only the very best ingredients sourced from the very best suppliers.

What we sell at mmm…

This is 100% nuts. No salt or sugars added.

Sea Salt
Sea Salt peanut butter is great right out of the jar or on your toast.

Or try adding it to soups and sauces instead of flour to thicken them while giving a great taste.

Sea Salt and black pepper
It is great right out of the jar or on your toast but try adding it to soups and sauces instead of flour to thicken them while giving a great taste.

Spicy Salt and Pepper
Spicy Salt and Pepper peanut butter is great right out of the jar or on your toast but try adding it to soups, noodles, curries and more for a great taste.

One of Funky Nut Company’s favourite ways to use this butter is to add it to coconut milk with a little lime for a ready made Satay sauce.

Honey and Sea Salt
Ideal for those with a bit of a sweet tooth.

Great as a spread or right off the spoon!

And last, but by no means least …

Milk Chocolate
Great spread on toast or try adding it to cakes, porridge oats, smoothies and more for a great sweet taste.

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Anandas Gourmet spice kits at mmm…

Looking to try the taste of India but don’t know where to start, or just don’t have the time, well try Ananda’s Gourmet spice kits from mmm…

Ananda hails from Hyderabad in Southern India, traditionally a land of Nawabs and kings. 

Anandas spice kits - shopping listHer cooking is very much influenced by Moghul cooking, which has its own distinctive traditions and flavours. 

She gives her utmost attention to picking the right kind of spices, which add a distinct aroma and taste. 

Her spice kits provide all of the spices you need, in each to use packs, to create a gourmet meal of your own.

Each pack includes a shopping list (handily sized to fit in your wallet or purse) so you know exactly what you need to purchase to create a delicious meal, all of the spices and a step-by-step recipe to create a spicy feast at home.

What we sell at mmm… 

Anandas Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani curry kit at mmmHyderabadi chicken Biryani – this dish hails from the royal kitchens of Nawabs and is renowned for its mouth-watering aroma.

This luxurious recipe combines rice and chicken in a single dish, and although more complicated than a simple curry, has been simplified to bring an extravagant indian feast to your table.

The chicken is marinated in a wide selection of spices and herbs in yoghurt mixture and layered with partially cooked rice; saffron infused milk and caramelised onions resulting in a melt-in-the-mouth dish.

Aloo gobi masala – a fragrant dish that is a staple curry of the Indian family dinner table.

Aloo (potatoes) and Gobi (cauliflower) are combined with spices to make a quick side dish to any indian bread or rice. 

Anandas Goan Prawn Curry kit at mmmGoan prawn curry – the coastal town of Goa combines Indian and Portuguese culinary influences and flavours, along with the abundance if fresh seafood.

Anandas’ Goan Prawn Curry is made with ground coconut and chillies and blended with aromatic spices of coriander, pepper and garlic.

Fresh, pre-cooked and peeled king prawns are the most convenient and work best with this recipe.

The pungent sauce is an ideal partner to steamed rice or any indian bread.

Meryala Kodi Vepudu – this spicy dry dish originates from the Southern India province of Chettinad.

The region was on a historic spice trade route and is famous for combining flavours of star anise, tamarind, chilli and cloves.

Meryala (pepper cloves) chicken fry is a dry dish, and brings the impact of cloves balanced with the aromas of green and yellow peppers.

It goes well with cucumber raita (yoghurt and cucumbers), steamed rice, naans or rotis.

Anandas Matar Paneer Masala Curry kit at mmmMatar paneer masala – paneer is an Indian cheese with a firm texture and mild flavour.

This aromatic, creamy and mild vegetarian curry combines paneer with the sweetness of fresh green peas.

Serve with naan bread for a simple lunchtime meal or as a side dish with pilau rice.

Murgh Makhani (butter chicken) – Murgh Makhani is originally a Punjabi dish. It is rich, creamy and full of flavour making it an all time favourite curry to prepare and eat.

The dish is made in two stages. Firstly, the chicken is marinated in a spicy yoghurt marinade and grilled, and then added to a delicious creamy tomato curry sauce.

It is best enjoyed with the classic accompaniment of rice and naan bread.

Kheema aloo – this is a popular spicy minced lamb or beef dish from the North-West Frontier.

Lean minced lamb or beef and potatoes are combined with the aromatic spice of cinnamon, cloves and cardamom.

Whether as a lazy Sunday brunch dish served with bread rolls, or as an accompaniment to an evening meal served with puris, rice or naan, Kheema Aloo is comforting and punchy.

Anandas Hyderabadi Lamb Korma curry kit at mmmHyderabadi lamb korma – Hyderabad is a South Indian city, which was once the hub of the Mughal Empire.

The region remains famous for its sumptuous food, evocative or royal banquets.

In this dish, marinated lamb is enriched with a paste of coconut and poppy seeds, and slow cooked till tender.

It is mildly spiced, and can be served with rice or naan bread.

Chana masala (chickpea curry) – Chana Masala is a typical Northern Indian dish.

Traditionally, chickpeas, spices and tomatoes are simmered together for hours to produce a delightful sauce.

Anandas’ recipe is easy and just as delicious – a rich masala vegetarian dish is ready in minutes.

Chana Masala makes a great side dish served with any Indian bread, or pilau rice.

Tadka Dal (lentils) – the perfect accompaniment to any Indian curry, mixed with rice or enjoyed on its own.

This recipe is delicately flavoured with caramelised onion and sweetened with tomato to make a simple wholesome and easy to prepare dish.

Tadka refers to the final tempering of the lentils with hot spices, which are gently fried to release their fragrance and flavours.

Kodu Kura (chicken curry) – Kodu Kura quite simply translates as chicken curry, but is a sophisticated dish prepared with cinnamon, cardamom and cloves.

The light curry is cooked at the final stage in a creamy yoghurt mixture combined with cashew nut, coconut and poppy seed paste to give it a korma consistency, and finished with a splash of lemon or lime. 

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Mushemi Fire at mmm…

Mushemi Fire logoWe are delighted to be stocking ‘Mushemi Fire’ Zambian inspired hot sauces and chilli products at mmm…

We tasted them at a mini chillifest at Spitalfields City Farm, Brick Lane, London last year and we were hooked!

Mushemi Fire sauces are handmade in small batches in Staffordshire, and designed to bring a distinctive taste of African fire and flavour to your food.

What we sell at mmm… 

KambuziKambuzi hot sauce – made with African piri piri (kambuzi, “little goat”) chillies, sun dried tomatoes and Zambian honey.

Rich and spicy piri piri sauce for grilled chicken, prawns and vegetables either as a marinade or directly on foods.

Great on a burger! 

Heat rating – 4/6.

Roast tomato chilli sauce sweet chilli sauce – rich and flavourful sweet chilli sauce made from roast tomatoes, red peppers and chillies.

Sweet chilli style sauce for chicken, fish and pork dishes, stir fires and sandwiches. 

Heat rating – 2/6. 

Mother's RuinMother’s Ruin hot sauce – fermented gin hot sauce with African scotch bonnet chillies and lemon.

Use like Tabasco. Splash on tomato dishes, eggs, chicken and fish.

Great in a Bloody Mary!

Heat rating – 4/6.

Sweet pepper and tamarind sauce sweet chilli sauce – sweet chilli style sauce with fiery African scotch bonnet chillies and tangy tamarind.

Tangy sweet chilli sauce for dips and stir fries. Use as a marinade for chicken and prawns, or as a glaze for salmon.

Heat rating – 2/6.

ChipatsoChipatso hot sauce – fruity papaya and guava hot sauce spiced up with African scotch bonnet chillies.

Fruity hot sauce for chicken, pork and fish dishes.

Add directly to foods or use as a marinade.

Heat rating – 3/6.

Smoked chilli oil – cold pressed extra virgin rapeseed oil infused with flakes of home smoked African piri piri chillies and paprika.

For stir fries, salad dressings and marinades.

Drizzle over pizzas or bruschetta.

Heat rating – 4/6.

ZwaoZwao! hot sauce – extremely hot piri piri sauce made with African scotch bonnet and piri piri chillies.

Use as a marinade or add directly to grilled meats, chicken and vegetables.

Use with caution!

Heat rating – 6/6.

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Mr Fitzpatrick’s Vintage Cordials at mmm…

Mr Fitzpatrick’s Vintage Cordials have been a firm favourite at mmm… since 2011 – but his Botanical Herbalists have been making cordial soft drinks for the people of Rossendale and the Lancashire regions since 1899!

Mr Fitzpatrick’s are as passionate as ever about their ‘Temperance’ cordials and whilst many of their recipes owe their origins to the original Mr Fitzpatrick’s herbalists, they have stayed true to those traditions whilst expanding and developing their range of exciting and quirky cordials.

The temperance movement began in Preston in 1835 during the period of the Industrial Revolution and was a response to the widespread alcoholism that existed at that time.

The availability of cheap ale and gin had been responsible for the breakdown of family life and industrial productivity amonst the working classes.

Prohibition was never legalised here but non alcoholic bars began to appear in every town and village to promote abstinence from ‘the demon drink’.

What we sell at mmm…

Mr Fitzpatricks Iron BrewNEW: Iron Brew – Now you can experience this unique Lancashire made Iron Brew Tonic as a cordial.  Mr Fitzpatricks left out the girders, but they did add real iron. 

The colour of a hazy orange sunset it has intriguing notes of barley sugar with an added orange citrus tang. 

A wonderful cordial which is as delicious as it is refreshing and can be diluted with still, sparkling or soda water.

Sour cherry cordial at mmmSour cherry, red grape and hibiscus – a smooth rich velvety cordial a perfect fusion of sour cherries and red grapes with added hibiscus note.

Sophisticated, sumptuous and oddly comforting.

Cranberry and pomegranate – a delicious blend of finest cranberries, pomegranates and rosehips. This cordial drink is the perfect summer cooler.

Mix with still, sparkling water or lemonade and garnish with a wedge of lime.

It’s also delicious served as a steaming hot toddy for those cold dark nights simply dilute with hot water for the perfect winter warmer or blend with our other cordials and serve as a non alcoholic option.

Strawberry and kiwi – get your four cornered hanky out, grab a deckchair and settle down to watch some tennis serve with muddled strawberries over ice garnish with kiwi for a refreshing summer drink.

Lime and lemongrass – a wonderful fusion of flavours, blended to produce a refreshing summertime drink in fact … anytime drink

Rhubarb and rosehip cordial at mmm...Rhubarb and rosehip – Mr Fitzpatrick’s poshest tipple. This is a refreshing blend of English rhubarb blended with a rosehip infusion. Does it get more English than this?

We recommend sparkling water for best taste. It can also be served hot or cold.

Blackcurrant and liquorice – delicious fruity blackcurrants combined with the distinctive taste of liquorice create and extra special cordial. Winner of the Guild of Fine Food Awards 2012

Elderflower and apple – the quintessentially English drink, reminiscent of lazy Sunday cricket matches, tea parties and village fetes. It’s often said: summer has only really arrived when the elderflowers start appearing in the hedgerows.

Served with chilled sparkling water as an aperitif this is a great non-alcoholic dinner party option All of Mr Fitzpatrick’s drinks are made from only the finest natural ingredients, sourced from English orchards and English elderflower fields.

Sarsaparilla cordial at mmmSarsaparilla – a delicious timeless classic dating from the 18th century. A woody tasting cordial, often compared to American Root Beer but milder and less medicinal tasting than its American counterpart.

Such is this drinks ability to evoke nostalgic memories Mr Fitzpatrick’s re-named it ‘time travel in a bottle’.

Blood tonic – a wonderful and fruity summer punch.

Dandelion and burdock – this shares its origins with a number of drinks originally made from lightly fermented roots and has been drunk in the British Isles since around 1265. Another timeless classic with a mellow creamy finish.

Take a trip back in time with a glass of this nostalgic original classic cordial.

Ginger cordial – this spicy drink has a fiery character and is intended for those purists amongst us who love our ginger with a bit more bite. Delicious hot or cold.

Lemon and ginger cordial at mmmLemon and ginger cordial – a firm favourite. The lemon and ginger punch combines the refreshing zest of lemon and wonderfully aromatic ginger.

Delicious drunk cold or hot (for an extra treat add a spoonful of honey to it.

Cream soda – unmistakably sweet and creamy with a taste of vanilla. Cream Soda is another timeless classic that was particularly popular with the temperance youths in the 1920s and 30s.

Serve this with a scoop of delicious vanilla ice cream and add sparkling water.

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Main image (c) Moz Scott, 2014. Photo manipulation by Ian Clarkin. Art direction by Dan Heptinstall.
Thanks to Mr Fitzpatrick’s Vintage Cordials for the information and other images on this page.

Bims Kitchen at mmm…

A firm favourite at mmm… Bim’s Kitchen is the creation of husband and wife team James “Bim” (pictured below with mmm… owner Simone Clarkin at a tasting in our shop) and Nicola Adedejire.

The small family business makes an award-winning range of own-recipe African-inspired food products including sauces, ketchups, marinades, hot sauces and chutneys.

They use ingredients native to or commonly used in Africa like baobab fruit, cashew nuts, alligtor pepper, cubeb and hibiscus flowers amongst others, to make easy-to-use sauces and condiments

SBims Kitchen at mmm - tastingome of their recipes had long been enjoyed by friends, family and work colleagues who actively encouraged them to develop a range of retail products for others to enjoy.

Others have been created as their business has grown and they found new and ever more tasty and interesting things to make with our unique range of ingredients.

Whatever Bims Kitchen product you try from mmm…, you are in for a real treat!

What we sell at mmm… (heat ratings in brackets)

African Lemon, Garlic and Pepper Sauce (none) – a mild piquant sauce with a delightful flavour. A great condiment for meat, fish, vegetables or tofu.

ideal as a dipping sauce for spring rolls, gourmet crisps, fried, grilled or roasted meat and fish; on burgers, hot dogs or can be used to “spice up” salad dressings, mayonnaise, coleslaw or marinades.

Makes a great marinade for pork, chicken and fish and a tasty salad dressing. Also a great ingredient for stir-fries and stews.

Spicy African Ketchup (medium) – a bit more exciting than your usual ketchup! Great as a dipping sauce for spring rolls, gourmet crisps, fried, grilled or roasted meat and fish; on burgers, hot dogs or can be used to “spice up” salad dressings, mayonnaise or coleslaw.

Add some lemon juice and oil to create a tasty marinade or add to mayonnaise/plain yoghurt to create a tasty dip or sandwich spread. Also a great cooking ingredient.

Spicy African BBQ Sauce (medium) – very moreish and smoky, packed full of flavour and a delightful marinade for pork/beef ribs, chicken or use as a pour-on condiment.

African Baobab BBQ Sauce (none) – another great sauce made with baobab fruit- a delightful smoky marinade for ribs, chicken etc. and an all-round condiment which is also great with vegetable dishes.

Hot African Baobab BBQ Sauce (high) – this BBQ Sauce combines the fantastic flavour of the original with added cayenne and birdseye chillies! The new sauce is a delightful marinade for pork/beef ribs, chicken or use as a pour-on condiment or stir-fry sauce.

African Lemony Piri Piri (medium) – perfect as a marinade especially for making delicious grilled chicken and pork, but equally great with lamb and fish.

Can be used as a cooking sauce or added to mayonnaise/plain yoghurt to create a tasty dip or sandwich spread or added to rice, pasta or noodles.

Hot African Lemony Piri Piri (high) – this is for chilli heat lovers- a hotter version of Bim’s Lemony Piri Piri! Use like the Lemony Piri Piri Sauce when you want more heat.

African Chilli Coconut Relish (high) – a lovely blend of real coconut, red chilli, alligator pepper, tomato, lemon juice and other spices.

Great with steak, burgers, cold meat, pate, fish, cheese or mix with beaten egg for a delicious omelette. A great stir-fry ingredient- especially with prawns.

African Baobab Chilli Jam (high) – a great chilli jam which uniquely combines the African baobab fruit in a tangy, very flavourful recipe.

Delightful with meat, fish, vegetables, eggs, cheese or some  past and noodles. It makes a tasty marinade or dipping sauce and can spice-up your favourite stew or stir-fry.

African Baobab Pepper Jam (none) – the baobab chilli jam without the chilli! It is delightful with meat, fish, vegetables, eggs, cheese or with pasta and noodles.

Makes a tasty marinade or dipping sauce and can spice-up your favourite stew or stir-fry.

Hot African Pepper Sauce (very high) – Bim’s first hot sauce made with a blend of chillies, roasted red peppers and other exotic ingredients including ginger, oregano, alligator pepper, cubeb, fruity hibiscus and lots of garlic and lemon juice.

Perfect for adding extra heat and flavour to any dish as a pour-on sauce on eggs, vegetables, meat and fish or in marinades, sauces, casseroles and stews.

Fiery African Pepper Sauce (very, very high) – Bim’s latest and hottest sauce which adds a fiery kick to any dish.

African Peanut Curry Sauce (medium) – made from a special blend of ingredients including roasted peanuts, coconut milk, dried ginger, garlic, alligator pepper, cubeb pepper, lemon and tomatoes.It contains everything in a jar to create a delicious meat, fish or vegetable curry, or just on its own with rice.

African Tomato and Cashew Curry Sauce (medium) – made with tomatoes and roasted cashew nuts as well as Bim’s special blend of herbs and spices.

This is a great cooking sauce for cooking meat, fish or vegetables.

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Please note: as we deal with small suppliers, many of which make our orders from scratch or depend on seasonal ingredients, it is always best to check with us in advance if there is a specific product you want.

Thanks to Bims Kitchen for the information on this page.