Three Kings Brewery at glug…

Three Kings logoWe hope you enjoy drinking Three Kings beers from glug… as much as enjoyed making them.

The beers are brewed in North Shields on the banks of the River Tyne and have always proved popular at glug… down to their distinctive packaging – but above all their great taste.

Three Kings’ commitment to quality will always remain the same – cask ales with nowt taken out and bottle conditioned beers served alive and kicking.

Premium ingredients and time-honoured brewing techniques make our ales exceedingly good beers.


What we sell at glug…

  • Silver Darling – Pale Ale – 5.6%
  • Apache – American Pale Ale – 5%
  • Limited edition ‘Tyneside Tommy’ – 4.1% commemoration project ale – brewed in collaboration with the Tynemouth WW1 project.

Want to know more?

Please note: as we deal with small suppliers, many of which make our orders from scratch or depend on seasonal ingredients, it is always best to check with us in advance if there is a specific product you want.

Thanks to Three Kings Brewery for the information on this page.

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