We are closed …

“Due to the inflexibility of our overseas-based landlord and the UK’s crippling business rates we have reluctantly decided to close mmm… and glug…

“It was costing us around £100,000 a year simply to open our doors – before we bought any stock to sell, paid our employees plus other costs, such as insurance and energy.

“That, along with falling city centre footfall, delivery and parking restrictions, possible future congestion charges and a massively expanded Christmas Market, means that the numbers now simply don’t add up.

“We have spent 12 hard (but, oh so enjoyable) years bringing great ingredients, food and drink to the region.

“Without our wonderful customers, amazing producers and hard-working employees none of that would have been possible – and we are so sorry to let you all down with our decision.

“We hope to be back in the future. Until then, can we once again thank you for your wonderful support.”

Simone and Ian Clarkin

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